4 Toys that help kids stay easily engaged for long!

Toys and kids are synonymous. There is a toy out there for every kid. All kids are different and so are their interest. The best part about the progressive world is that there are variety of toys available for kids out there. Toys that suit their interest and toys that help build different skills. A few decades ago, toys were simply meant as a means for kids to pass their time. However, today toys have different vantage point all together. It has been proved through various researches that play is the one of the most crucial part of a child’s development.

While, educational toys help develop problem solving and creativity skills. Toys in general help improve the gross motor skills and cognitive development. Toys work as an aid to improve speech development, enhance language skills and also help improve social skills in kids. The development in kids is a continuous process and various activities and toys help develop these skills in children.

While infants usually enjoy toys that improve their sensory skills, toddlers enjoy activities that hold their curiosity. When kids are introduces to toys at the right stage, it can be advantageous to their growth along with them having fun. As kids grow older, it is often a challenge to get them to sit in one place and enjoy their play. For example, my 6-year-old is currently practicing a head spin and is wriggling on the floor while I pen this article. Through some experiment and recommendation, I have realised that there are indeed a few toys that hold his attention for long.

As kids grow old, they need toys that are constantly fuelling their imagination. They need a sense of development and pride in being able to play on their own. When kids are able to push, pull, stack and create something out of their toys, they are the happiest. The best toys are one that can serve more than one purpose.

Here is a list of toys that help keep your kids stay in one place and enjoy their play.

Building Blocks

Pin on Building Blocks Toy Model

Invest in a good building block set for your kid. Older kids like to stack, nest and make elaborate models and designs with them. Through building blocks, you can teach kids about colors and patterns. My kid likes to build tunnels and roadways using blocks. He likes to then weave a story using his figurines and the blocks. Building blocks come in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are many building blocks available with different learning levels too. See here kids enjoying using building blocks.


Lego Bricks - pile | Lego club, Lego, Kids family activities

The fascination with Lego toys is not just restricted to kids. Lego blocks are something that engage people of all age groups. This particular page on Instagram, is what drew my attention to Lego blocks and different things that could be made with Lego. Lego toys are bound to keep your kids engaged for long. Lego blocks have proved to be a constant source of entertainment and engagement for my kid during this lock down. You will need some instruction manuals for some Lego creations which can be easily sourced through the internet. Along with keeping your kids entertained, Lego bricks helps with cognitive development and work on the fine motor skills too. As an adult, I can happily say that playing with Lego is a great stress buster too.


person holding jigsaw puzzle piece

It would sound very cliché if I said, life is a big jigsaw puzzle and we need to find some pieces so that they complete the picture. However, that is very true when it comes to life and other things. Puzzles are a house favorite. Whether it’s Tom Holland or Karen, we all love solving jigsaw puzzles.  Puzzles can be the best category of toys that help kids with a variety of things. Besides helping with recognition of shapes, colors and developing patience. They are also great for problem solving and setting of goals too. Solving and making jigsaw puzzles can be a great activity for the entire family too.

Pretend Plays

kids in spiderman and Captain America costumes

Pretend plays are fun and can keep your child engaged for hours.They are a great way to teach kids about their surroundings and environment. It is wonderful to see what kids can do with their imagination. You may want to get your child some pretend play sets however kids can come up with great concepts on their own. For example, if you give my child a vessel, a spoon and some crayons, he is top pastry chef already! Pretend plays help your children discover about themselves. You can help them set up a grocery store or get them to dress up as their favorite character. There is a huge list of ideas available on the internet to help play. Give your kids some random toys and see them use their imagination and build their IQ too.

Other toys that help kids improve and develop visual, thinking, social and emotional skills and stay interested for long include kinetic sand play, magnatiles, playdough sets etc. Ensure you invest in toys that help the kids initiate and control their play. Toys are not just for self-play; they must instead encourage kids to develop required skills and fuel creativity.

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