How planning a birthday and gifts this lock down was an easy affair.

Birthday is a great occasion for the family and friends to come together. Birthday gifts is what all of us look forward too. We all love birthdays, don’t we? I love them too, however the thought of getting someone a perfect birthday gift makes me anxious too! Technology has indeed eased the journey of finding a perfect birthday gift. However, nothing beats the fun of smearing cake on someone’s face or giving them a big squishy hug. The quarantine and social distancing have however restricted us to celebrate the occasion with grandeur. As the world trembles with fear of the pandemic and much more, social distancing is the best way to stay safe and protected.

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Birthdays are not being celebrated virtually. Birthday gifts and celebrations comprise of online meetings and shopping vouchers. Everyone is trying their hands at online birthday décor. Pinterest always comes to the rescue for great DIY and DÉCOR ideas  to help you plan the birthday decoration you want. The other good news is that you can there are so many options you can explore when it comes to gifting.

The Husband’s birthday was here sooner than I had expected it to arrive. The plans for a lavish party already had gone kaput. I wanted him to have a really special birthday and hence decided to do everything I could

List of ideas for the Birthday Boy to make his quarantine birthday a memorable one.

His favorite food.

I started off by preparing his favorite street food items. Both of us can hog on street food, hence I prepared the ragda pattice and pani puri! I also baked him a cake with chocolate ganache. The cooking was cumbersome but the joy on his face was worth it all. The birthday breakfast was ordered from outside and we took all precautions while ordering food from a restaurant.

Trail of Birthday Gifts

He is someone who loves finding little surprise gifts here and there in the house on his birthday. Hence, I left him a little gift trail. We even turned it into a scavenger hunt for gifts. He had to decipher clues and find his gifts. His gifts included a few electronic items that help him with his everyday chores.

Decorate the house

Colourful balloons have a different feeling attached to them. I used balloons and streamers to decorate the house. Thankfully I have a little flair for drawing which I used to draw quirky images and used them for the décor too. We also git the birthday boy to participate in choosing what colors he wants. We got him to enter the house and did a little confetti sprinkling too. Got him a little crown made as well.

His favorite music

We got him to groove to his favourite tunes. We danced and sang his favourite songs. I managed to put some fairy tail lights which helped set the perfect ambience of the birthday. Listening to all the songs from the 90’s was a beautiful experience in itself. It helped set the perfect mood for a memorable birthday.

Video Collage from friends and family

I got his friends and family to record birthday wishes for him. Once I received the birthday wishes, I turned them into a collage. I segregated the videos between family, school friends, college friends and work friends. These videos we played at regular intervals for him. I wanted to make sure he has that smile on his face, all through the day 😊

I always felt that given the lockdown, we wouldn’t be able to make his birthday special. However, these simple things, helped me make his quarantine birthday a really memorable one. Sometimes, we don’t need fancy luxurious birthday gifts to make us feel special. We all need love, happiness and blessing to make our special day even more special.

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  1. We did a video collage for my daughter’s friend and he just loved it. Food is our go to during every celebration. Other tips are also so thoughtful!

  2. I saw your ig post of your hubby’s birthday. 🙂

    The post is very nice and yes, the best thing to do in lockdown birthday party is groove on some good and favourite music.. many of my friends did the same using the zoom party celebration… The virtual presence only did a lot.

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