Don’t just sleep like a baby, love, forgive and live like one!!

We all fight, especially with our loved ones.They are the ones we shout, yell, scream at!! They are the ones we have said and unsaid expectations from and they are the ones, for who we can do almost anything.

Through years of watching, observing and even participating in all the ups and downs that engulf a relationship, I have come to realize that mostly everything in our life revolves around our relationships.

Our relationship with our parents, siblings, friends and spouses is what majorly becomes the basis of our happiness or sadness. Most of these relationships become the stepping stones of happiness and success in our lives but some drag us down and make us gloomy.

I have come to believe that relationships that affect our mental and emotional state the most are the ones we have with our spouses. A small discussion,argument or even a happy moment can affect our moods for the longest time we know!!

It is said that motherhood or parenthood in general is one of the best phases of one’s life. It helps you don the role of a person with some strange super powers where you are ready to tackle every obstacles and uncover every hidden treasure for your child, unfortunately here too if you don’t have a supportive partner, it becomes a challenge for some!!

WE often want our children to imitate and learn from parents and often in few of previously written blogs at parenthood memoirs , I have often spoken about how we need to change ourselves if we want our children to learn and grow.

What if I were to tell you that, this time,it’s our children who are often teaching us a thing or two, esp. about relationships. Have you ever wondered if we became as forgiving as children in a relationship, how would it be?

Children get upset and cry soon but they forget it sooner.

They express their problems openly unlike us adults.

They are keen to listen ( well, yes sometimes) and also observe and understand things.

They are happy to say sorry even when not at fault because it’s their relationship that matters the most and not their ego.

They are always ready to hug you, smile at you and talk to you, even when you are angry.

I often have crazy,bizzare moments with my son but we often talk it out, try and understand each other and let it go after either laughing about it or crying about it. We often tell each other if something either of us did, upset each other. We talk about our expectations from each other, funny isn’t it as to how we have most of these expectations from adults too but are unable to live up to them.

Yes, there are relationships out there that cannot be mended.Yes, there are people out there who probably need help, sometimes even professional help to help cure their insecurities and work on their mindsets.

Then there are relationships that lack communication and understanding.There are relationships that have conditions, that even have love and respect but lack ways of expressing it.

Life will always surprise you its simplicity and complexity, what you make out of it, mostly lays in your hands.

If you have a relationship that needs mending, then go ahead and mend it like you would mend an incident with your little one. If it’s a relationship you cannot mend, then just the way children are taught to move away from things that harm them, you do it!!

Don’t just sleep like a baby, love, forgive and live like one!!

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