Communication is the key

I often hear people saying that how they are unsure of what their child would feel or how they would react, if they told them a certain thing.

Parents often worry too much about children’s reactions over various matters. There are various books and research available on child behavior and understanding.In a way its great that technology has advanced to a extent that we have most of our answers available on google.

This is a bane for sure however have you ever realized that if it was not for technology, people would rarely be communicating with other. Now I belong to the 80’s era which definitely feels older than it is as compared to the gen-next. Our parents often scolded us and also taught as a thing or two. I remember and in fact cherish the memories of talking about almost anything with my mother.

Communicated in person is what this entire ERA lacks!! Parents and children are too quick to judge and react but not so quick to communicate and understand things.

In a recent conversation with a friend I realized how easy it was for the both of us to talk to our children about a few major developments in our lives. We owed it all to, all the open, honest and real conversations we’ve had with our children.

Having open and honest conversations with children doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have serious conversations. My perpetually better half always makes it a point to tell our son about some really important things in life in a very funny way. As they often say, that children remember things better if they like the way they were taught!!

So ever since the little man began to talk and was able to understand things, I have been trying to have two way conversations with him. I ask him things and tell him things about my daily schedule, give him examples from my childhood life,be silly with him and also laugh at myself. It’s so important for kids to learn to laugh at themselves, to cry when they are upset and its OK for them to sometimes scream too.

There is one thing that I always learnt while growing up and even when trying to juggle my parental responsibilities is that it’s important for you to have conversations with your child.Your child may not need to know everything but your child needs to be aware and be involved in conversations!! There is a reason why mums and dads are asked to speak to their unborn child.

Conversations with children always help them grow, understand and reason better. They help children to cope with anxiety, change and any unforeseen incident. When people say that your life becomes what you make of it, they definitely had your children in mind!

If you want to have long lasting relationship of unconditional love with your children, you need to start talking to them, having conversations with them!!

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