Don’t judge a book by its cover!

She took off the dupatta of her head.She also took off the long overcoat she was wearing.People were stunned when they saw her in her pencil skirt, her stilletoes, and her well fit shirt.

Wow, said some, while the others just starred at her in disbelief.The looks just said it all, they judged her on her clothes and looks again.

They were stumped when they heard her talk, she spoke fluent English and her body language was commendable.

Some of them were ashamed of demeaning her character in their minds and the rest just made it up with their applauds!!

Yes, the room full of educated people had judged her based on looks, her dressing and the religion her name portrayed. Couldn’t they have just appreciated the degree attached to her name instead.

Couldn’t they have instead congratulated her on being the only woman in her community to have achieved a double PHD ?

Couldn’t they have empathised with her on breaking the monotony in her life and having to juggle all responsibilities ?

They instead made a remark about how she dressed and how she looked.

And how they hoped she would be like one of them and participated in their parley.

She thankfully new her worth and decided to mark a name for herself.She decided to carve her name on the wall of success and decided to paint it with her knowledge and good deeds.

Its simple, like they say do not judge a book by it’s cover, do not judge a person by their looks and how theu dress

Yes, you need to dress appropriately for the occaasion and carry yoyrself with grace but everyone should also be extolled for their acheivements.

Life is not always flaxen, let make it endurable atleast!!




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