Who is “xyz” married to Mamma?

Mamma, is the xyz person already married? She answered in an affirmative to the give satisfactory answers to her little curious mind! Who is this xyz person married too and if they are married as you say they are, why are they not living with them, he asked her again!!

She simply smiled and told him that, she will find that out for him.He happily agreed as it seemed like a big task he had given his mother. She also told him that she would take his father’s help and solve this mystery and they all will work as a team!!

He waited eagerly for the next few days to know what the findings will be like.

She, on the other hand seemed a little nervous on how she could answer that question for him.What if he would ask her that again and wouldn’t be satisfied with answer.He was too young to understand the complications of a divorce or a separation.

They were watching their favorite game that night.It was his team vs his dad’s team.There were some players who had changed teams because they weren’t happy playing in the current team and little Z understood that.

She took this opportunity to tell him, marriage and family is like a one big team.Everyone is expected to support everyone.The elders are like coaches and managers who teach, guide, counsel and sometimes even yell at youngsters.The younger ones just like players, are allowed to talk and express their challenges to the manager and coach.

For the team to win and conquer matches, they have to be together, implement feedback,work around each other’s flaws etc.Love, respect, care,hard work,all go together when you are a team.( read family)

Sometimes, players are not happy in a team.They try very hard to improve their game, their traits, working together with the team doesn’t give them the desired results and they decide to move out of the team for the betterment of the team and themselves!!

Similarly in a marriage, sometimes due to unavoidable reasons, people separate.”So do they marry someone else, just like a player joins another team, asked Z”. Well, not always, she said.Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

Her five year old seemed satisfied with the answer for now and told her, “I want to stay on this team of our forever”, she hugged him and said, “I want the same too, you , your daddy and I will always be a number one team!!

Explaining about divorce and separation can be challenging for parents and kids.You need to handle it very carefully.You need to ensure that your child knows that there will be love and support for him always no matter what the situation is like.

More detailed tips on how to handle this particular situation will be up on the blog soon.😊😊

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