A parent’s attempt to explain the national situation to her child.

“Mumma, my xyz friend said that, if we are Muslims, we need to go to Pakistan”, said my son who is a just a few months older than 5 years. I was angry! Not as a parent and not as a Muslim but as a human!!

I think I was more saddened than angry because of what the world is eventually coming to! I was sad not just because there was an attack on our brave soldiers or because Abhinandan was held back in Pakistan. I was sad because the citizen of every country that offered its support to the current situation in our country, including the citizens of the country that attacked our soldiers, knew that this was not just an unforeseen attack. This was something that the lawmakers, law controllers had probably planned. This was something that had an agenda that was beyond the understanding of a common man.

I’m sure while we were growing up, we had limited resources, in terms of food, technology, education and finance. All of these things and many more things prospered and developed gradually. Today we have information available about anything and everything at the tip of our fingers!

Our worlds practically revolve around Wi-Fi. Even when we move to places that restrict the use of Wi-Fi and technology and focus on mental peace, we still need modern ways of travelling to get there, we need the moolah that we are able to earn given our well paid jobs.

For all those people, who want an eye for an eye, or who insist on a war, have you realized what the outcome of a war will be. Both these nations are equipped with nuclear power. Do you even know what happens when a country decides to use its nuclear power?  There are a zillion things to consider before we plan a war or something that is as close to a war.

Yes, as a common citizen we will never be able to pay enough gratitude and respect to what our soldiers are doing. Yes, it takes more than guts to leave your family behind to serve millions of families. It is because of them our country is secure but it is them who will have to fight the war if ever there is one!!

What can I do to show I am patriotic?  Well, utilize your basic rights responsibly and fulfill your duties of being a good citizen. It would definitely help if we didn’t just randomly share WhatsApp forwards without really verifying their authenticity.

As far as handling the situation with my son is concerned, I explained to him that just like a football club as players from all religion, similarly a country has people of all religion. Just the way a player moves to another football club, similarly, people move to another country, only as per their wish and not as per the wish of someone else!!

Parenting will never be easy, neither will being a good human be easy! You however have to do both!!



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