I am my own inspiration!!

On an insanely busy monday, I decided to try and fit in writing a new blog post.Not that I couldn’t, but monday is usually set for more hectic things, its apparently considered to be the start of new week, new things etc.

I had been ploying with the idea of covering few topics of self-improvement and few topics on how to be hands on with a toddler.

Motherhood has taught me to multitask on various levels.Multitasking with work is one thing but multitasking with thoughts, making mental notes, shortlisting to do lists is another!!

Since I couldn’t zero down on what to write about, I started to look for inspiration in things around.

Like how the birds flew over the sky right at sunrise, fighting all odds because they had tasks at hand, probably they understood responsibility better than us humans.

How things in my house don’t get moved until I decide to move them.The same is for your house too, I guess,it’s similar to God’s plan for us, things happen when they are destined to happen.

Also how the tree grows, shed leaves and grows again, making everything beautiful, even when they are cut, chopped down to pieces, they continue to become beautiful pieces of art and lifestyle.

But, I couldn’t come to think of a topic to write.I was unable to draw inspiration from anything.Then I glanced upon a reflection of myself on my shut T.V screen and I realised, my inspiration was me.It had to be my story, a story that had to be told just like the story of many others.

Each of us has a story after all, we are our own inspiration!!

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