Travel Advice for Parents!!

Who doesn’t love a little get away from their mundane routine? It’s always good to take a break from your busy schedule every once in a while. Planning a vacation for self and planning a vacation with kids can be like “two poles apart”, kind of a thing.

You definitely want your child to enjoy when they are on a vacation and you want to have some rest too.

There is always a little planning ahead of time that you need to do before you decide to travel somewhere. For our now 5 year old who began travelling only after he ate proper solid meals, we look for a hotel/resort that has a small play park and clean baby pool.

Most hotels and stay options will be willing to accommodate your requests and make changes for your child. All children are always cute, mostly to onlookers!! Lol.

Here are few things you need to keep in mind when you are planning to travel with a kid.

This list has been randomly put down by a parent who carries more clothes for her child than for herself. Also no amount of permutation and combination can stop your little one from behaving in a certain manner while you want to enjoy yourself. The best thing is to enjoy the time you get away from home, children will behave the way they want to and you cannot control it until they are older however if they see you being happy and having fun, they will participate too!!

Destination: Pick a kid friendly destination if it’s the first time you are travelling with your little one. I would suggest do a small trip within the same country where you will be familiar with surrounding and people.Also ensure that the destination has attractions suitable for kids or else we all know what bored kids can be like. Lol.

Mode of Travel: Choose your mode of travel based on your child’s comfort. Different modes of travel may suit each child differently. Try and keep the travel time less in case your child is bound to get uncomfortable during travel.

Toiletries and Medicines. Yes, you will have to carry medicines for everything from a fever, an ear ache to a stomach pain etc. Also don’t forget to carry more diapers than what your child usually needs. Carry extra for everything. As kids grow older they will be able to manage their pains and aches better but you should carry everything that’s necessary!! Also a visit to your doctor a few days before the visit can be a good thing too.

Food and Munchies: Surprisingly, I feel hungrier when I am travelling. It’s best to carry snacks and munchies for yourself and your toddler. Try and pick fruits on your way. I usually pack a few meals for me to be able to get through one day so I feel less guilty of him eating outside food. Finger foods are the best. Tetra packs can be used here too, opt for the no added sugar range.

Travel Gear: If you have a lot to explore and you are up to carrying a travel gear you should. It will save your arms and give you some rest. We have mostly done shorter trips where he can walk or be carried. However most airlines will let you transport your babies’ travel gear.

Weather: This again is an important factor that will help you decide what and how much you need to carry. Pick a season for travel that suits your child and yourself the best. The destination’s weather is also important. We personally refer on set of winters and winters for travel. The weather is pleasant, you have seasonal fruits available on the go and baby is happier when it’s not very sunny in the day.

Besides the above, ensure all your travel documents are packed safely in one bag. Inform the lace you’ll be staying at, in advance of all the things you would be needing for your baby.

I avoided outstation travel for the longest time fretting over how, I and little boy will manage. Honestly, kids adjust well and you should make the most of their growing up years. These moments will become memories you would want to cherish forever!

SO since the favorite season is here and the festivities are here too. Enjoy, Travel and Have Fun!!


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