The make-up must haves in my bag!!

We all love festivities and Christmas happens to be the favorite season for everyone. It’s definitely a season to make merry, go for holidays, attend a lot of parties and spend time with family and friends.

While some of us are a pro at make up and dressing up and while come of us always struggle to choose between our dresses and make up.

I often end up watching a lot of Instagram videos that give tips on various styling tips and make up tips. Based on experience and various trials and errors, here is a list of certain products that always need to stay in your bag. These products help you get ready in a jiffy too.

A kohl pencil cum eyeliner.

This two-way pencil serves the purpose of both a kohl pencil and an eyeliner. There are obviously tons of shades available however I choose to pick black as you can never go wrong with black. Then you always have various videos available on Instagram and YouTube that teach you how you can get that perfect winged eyeliner.

A Nude, Pink and Red Lip Color

A nude lip color is perfect for a day look or an office meeting. The pinks and reds always add the oomph factor to even the slightest of makeup. You can always team up the bright colors with a good eye make even if you plan to skip putting the blush.

A two-way contour sticks.

I mostly use my two-contour stick for color correction too. It’s great to have a two-way contour stick as you have two great colors suitable for your skin tone. I even use it for highlighting by adding a dash of glitter.

A skin creme.

I often feel that a compact dries-up my skin and the BB cremes are too confusing to choose from. I use a non-sticky face creme to keep my skin moisturized while I add a layer of make up to it. It also stops my skin from running into a rash.

An eye-shadow palette.

A dual eye-shadow palette that can be used as a cheek blush is something I have opted for, you have some great products available on AMAZON too. Choose the one that has a mix of browns along with some color. They work well for all occasions.


Now we all make a blunder sometimes when applying makeup in a jiffy and hence the wipes. They wipe off make up easily. Choose a mild baby wipe that isn’t too harsh on your skin and has a regulated amount of moisture.


Hope these tips help you have a smart, sassy and cool festive occasion. Happy dressing up!! These make up hacks are a must watch.make-up hacks

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