5 inexpensive gifts to woo your man!!


We all love being showered with gifts without any occasion. Women are universally known or may be branded as gift receivers. There is plenty of information available on what to gift a woman and why and how you should surprise a woman. What if I told you that men are equally sensitive and it would be a good idea to surprise your man every once in while!!

It can be tricky when you want to gift something to a man because the options are limited. The list I am about to provide is purely based on some trials and experience. Also, these options are non- expensive however you may want to indulge in some splurging for your man, after all they deserve all your love and attention too.


Whip up a cocktail on weekday.

I see a lot of Instagram and Facebook videos that teach you how to make simple fruit cocktails. How about surprising your man with a refreshing drink on a weeknight. He sure will be surprised and that to pleasantly!!

A naughty office supplies.

You have these really quirky, fun and naughty office supplies. These range from being a pen stand, a coaster, some stationary etc and they are naughty and hilarious enough for men. Let your man have a good laugh and remember you when he is at work.

Some alone time with friends.

Well now you are not going to be spending anything for this one. All you need to do is let your man have some fun time with his boys. Whether it is drinking night or a game night, your boy sure will be happy for this one.

A shopping voucher.

Well you can always save some money and get a shopping voucher for your man to choose his own gift.

Cook him a spread.

Treat your man to some good yummy and a little junk food. He will be all praises for you for a little longer.

Β You can always make your own variations to this list however men are known to love their food, drinks, friends and fun!!Β 

Happy loving and happy gifting you all!!Β 

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