The Secret Santa Ritual

We just exchanged a few gifts in the family as a secret Santa ritual yesterday. It was an hour filled of fun laughter and happiness. Everyone was excited and eager to see who got what and everyone accepted what they got happily without any complaints. In this ritual, we had to put down everyone’s name on chits of paper and each one of us had to pick one. We couldn’t disclose the name of the person whose name was on the chit each one picked for themselves.

The entire process of giving gifts and receiving gifts is always so heartening. We have often heard and may be ourselves participated in giving gifts to the one who are less fortunate. The feeling of filling someone’s life with a little surprise and happiness is in itself fulfilling.

This secret Santa ritual made me realize that we don’t need to wait for occasions or rituals to exchange gifts. We should seldom surprise a loved one with a gift. In case you happen to surprise a stranger or an unknown person with an act of kindness, it’s like icing on the cake.

The small gestures, the unknown acts of kindness, helping someone in time of need are all small acts that need to eventually get bigger.

How about lending someone your seat in a bus or a train. How about letting someone go ahead in a queue. How about buying someone a bottle of water in summer. How about doing something for someone, something that you expect to be done for you.

Gifts don’t always have to be materialistic, it’s the sentiments that are of importance!! Appreciate someone, be kind, be responsible and be cheerful.

The year is almost over, Christmas is gone and soon we will step into the New Year. Before you begin exchanging gifts or messages about the New Year, express gratitude to the one who matter.

Say hello to the one’s you haven’t connected in a long while and say sorry if you hurt someone.

All relationships require nurturing. Show some love and care and cleanse your soul of all the negativity.

You don’t need a Christmas to be a Santa!!

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