Depression is REAL! How you can help?

I have spent the last few days tending to my little one who was unwell. I have spent the last few weeks worrying over someone in the family. Amidst all this, I have tried to maintain a balance between home and work. I have tried to maintain a presence on the social media, I have watched snippets of my favorite show on my phone and I have even sighed over the #deepveer wedding.

To some, it may seem like I have lived a perfect life and yet to those who are the closet to me know the mental battle I have been trying to fight.

This post isn’t about how easy or how difficult life can be sometimes times. Neither does this post intend to gather empathy and sympathy around the everyday struggles one faces in life. This post is however to educate you that there is something known as depression.

Depression is a disease and it needs to be cured. It’s not a mental state or a phase that will get better with time. It needs to be attended too!

Depression can be caused by various factors, the common one being emotional, mental and physical trauma. The extent of trauma can be little or big.

I have had multiple changes in lifestyle, work culture and certain set backs when it has come to a few emotional issues and the only reason I have been able to sail through all of it is, because I had family to hear me out. I constantly had people to ask me if I was feeling OK on days when I didn’t!

I often say that there is nothing that communication cannot solve. The biggest of issues arise due to lack of communication skills. Be it professional issues or personal issues, right way and sources of communication plays a big role.

Depression is not always known to people. It may not always be prominent like a muscle pain or a flu. The best way to gauge a person affected by it is by knowing that they aren’t their usual selves for the longest period of time. Here is what you can do to help someone battling depression.

  • First and foremost, you need to acknowledge the condition at hand. They say half your troubles disappear the moment you have acknowledged their existence. For someone who is battling depression, they may experience an array of emotions without much self-control.
  • The symptoms may not always relate to a person or an incident. They may experience anger and frustration and may even lash out at people unknowingly, so its best not to take it personally.
  • Help them open up and discuss the situation. Let them know you are there for them and are not judgmental about their situation.
  • DO NOT force them to snap out of the situation and never blame them for the situation at hand.
  • Communication can be the biggest help you can provide however seeking medical help is equally important.
  • Encourage them to join an activity they like. You cannot pressurize them to be around people suddenly. Be there to help them get accustomed to hobby class surrounding.
  • While it’s great that you would be all out helping someone battle depression, however you need to take care of yourself as well. Stay on track with your own life and set boundaries gradually.

There are a lot of speakers, self help videos, motivational videos available online that can boost someone’s morale. Helping someone battle depression can be exhausting, hence you will have to strike a balance between your life and their life. The best you can do is to help them accept the situation and get them to seek help. Make sure there is someone around them always which would keep them away from indulging in any self-harming activities. Family and friends can be your biggest support, reach out to them.

Love and Hugs to everyone out there who is battling depression, has battled it and is a winner and to everyone who is helping someone deal with it. More power to you.

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