A few tips to manage your mood swings.

I often feel I need a class on anger management or mood management given the random sparks of anger I have every now and then.

When we usually pile up more than we can eat, on our plate such bouts of anger and irritation do creep in.This also happens when your plate is empty or you can’t really decide what to fill your plate with.

In case having too much on your plate bothers you just like me, then you should read my one of my previous blogs that says that it’s OK to not stuff down that last morsel of food down you throat.The Last Morsel

Through the passing years I have somehow managed to get a grip on these random emotional outburst. I still have them and you wouldn’t find better witnesses to them than my boys!!Β 

I have also come to realize that there are few things that definitely help you calm your mind when you are in a phase where you really want to break something or someone’s head.

Take a deep breath – Well, well just taking one deep breath doesn’t really help. You have to divert your mind to breathing and try and calm your self before you decide to react impulsively.You will take a while to master this trick but it works.

Count – Yes,Count!! Count till whatever number you want to or count until you are able to see sense beyond your temper. It works and it works with kids too. Seldom I give ultimatums to my child to listen to me before I have finished counting to a certain number.

Walk Away –Β  OK, so you can either literally walk away or just take a few steps behind from the person or situation that is bothering you. Often seeing the person who caused you anger or irritation for long makes you retaliate. So it’s best to walk away and try and calm down your mind. However be sure to have a nice, warm and positive conversation after you are back from your little walk or else be ready to face the wrath of the other person.

Communicate – We seldom want to scream and no amount of coaxing or soothing is going to help. It’s however imperative that you communicate and find a solution to the problem at hand.

Think about the positives.Β  This one can be really difficult to do in a situation that’s a little out of control however try not to panic or get blown away with emotions. Try and look for the positives or see how you can handle the situation in a nicer way.

Whether its about getting a task done, meeting a deadline, a hyper active toddler or annoying relative, friend or boss. Everything can be handled if you let things not affect you personally. Always believe that there can be worse things that can happen or have happened to people.

It’s easy to talk about the sunshine when its dark however it’s not difficult either to be your own sunshine.Β 

Also if you think that the mood swings or anger pangs are frequent than normal. Please get yourself checked medically. Sometimes you have some hormonal changes affecting your body. So take care of yourself, your mind, body and soul!!

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