Redecorate your house this festive season!

I have been going through a lot of posts on Instagram and on my blog site too that talk about home decor options.

I come across a lot of posts where I see baby rooms done up really beautifully.  Then there are also houses where each room speaks of beauty, perfection and awe.

I loved the concept of interior designing when I was a teen. The idea of mixing colors with your ideas for someone else’s house. The thrill of picking small and big things to match a person’s lifestyle and habits.

Nowadays, its not just about pretty, well built houses. It is also about what your house has to say about you. Seldom I find people cluttering their houses with the best pieces of art from everywhere.

I am going to share with a few tips and tricks that I read online and also something I learnt when I did a little stint with Interior Decoration.

The most important thing to design a house is obviously to Decide A Color Scheme.  You obviously wouldn’t want your house to look like someone just splashed some colors randomly. Considering we have so many ideas trending on social media, we tend to get carried away with it. You need to understand that not everything you see, meets the eye!!

With the real estate industry growing and people using almost every space available to build residential complexes, we sometimes have to adjust with the space and height of the house. Use decor that increase the height (artificial) of your living space. For example, you can use large mirror to Fake Height in your home.

You should always use baskets, drawers to stock up on things. Living with a toddler I understand how difficult it gets to de-clutter your house every time. It’s best to use drawers, shelves, baskets and options that help you Stack and Arrange things easily. They also help you to use the left-over space easily. You should opt for shelves and cabinets that can go into the wall.

You can use textures to beautify the paint in your house. If you like wallpapers and in case your house has no leakages, you should definitely opt for it! Show of your pricey pieces of art in different rooms. You can set up a particular spot for each room, where it catches the attention of people who walk into the room.

I prefer using benches for the dining table and I like the sit-down theme with mattresses too. The benches can be moved around easily and the mattresses can be used with variations too. Choose fold able furniture so that you can keep them away after use.

There are other details that need to be paid attention too, like your curtains, your cushions, your sofa, tableware, kitchen ware, etc. How you arrange these? Well you will fin plenty of options online. So, invest some time in looking for options.

It’s amazing to see how playing around with colors, textures and items can beautify your homes.

Hope you found his useful. If you did please follow my blog 🙂


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