Don’t be any category of a parent, just be a parent!!

What is your biggest fear as a parent? Your child’s well being? That’s a worry and concern all parents have till the end of their lives! What if I told you that your biggest fear and worry for your child were, you yourself and your attitude towards their lives.

Honestly, nothing can ever prepare you for parenting. It’s a big fun roller coaster ride. You will want to get off the roller coaster sometimes and sometimes you will want the ride to last forever.

Kids grow up sooner than you know and then all the yelling, sleepless nights, tantrums, moods, all of it seem like it’s gone in a flash. You want the time to stop, you want the growing up years to slow down. You want them to be child again!!

I seldom wonder why do parents want their children to be a small baby again. Well off course to relive all the coochie-coo moments however it is also because its easier to control children then. It’s easier to watch over what they are doing, who they are meeting, what they are eating and the list is long!!

I recently watched a movie named “Helicopter Eela” directed by, Pradeep Sarkar where Indian actress Kajol plays the lead role of a single mother. She happens to get hit by the “empty nest syndrome” however is not willing to come to terms with it. She also portrays reflections of being a helicopter parent and it in turn affects the relationship she shares with her son. The important role in the movie is of her son who, makes her realize that how always, its important for parents to distinguish their lives from the lives of their children.

There is no doubt about the fact that kids will always be your first priority however remember the bit where people put hashtags that read “happystartswithme” . You cannot spread happiness if you aren’t happy. You cannot give what you don’t have said someone in one of their social media posts that I read recently!!

It’s important for everything in life to have closure, while often you will not have or want closures on your parental responsibility, it is also proved through studies that happy parents raise happy children.

Often, we see people struggling to often handle their emotional woes, they push them aside and go on living a robotic life, soon to face the big built up pile of emotions!!

The movie is not about whether you should be a helicopter parent or not! Its about understanding when and how to participate in your child’s overall development. It’s about letting your child build their own castles of experiences and lessons!! Its about letting your child choose you as a friend they want for life and they being able to tell you that, they love you always!!

You can be whatever you want to be for your child but remember to be an example they want to follow always!!

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