An unraveled kind of blind date!

Have you ever been set up on a blind date? I’m sure it may or may not have turned out to be your best experience but you at least came back with an experience!!

As a traveler or as an artist, in fact even as a human who is thankful for the little things in life, I am thankful the most for my ability to see and feel. This ability is best experienced when you see different places and meet different people.

We enter this world with our eyes closed and exit the world with our eyes closed, it the journey in between that we need to cherish.

As mother, I want my child to experience all those pleasant experiences I had about travelling.

The thrill of meeting and conversing with strangers. The feeling of being in awe when you come to know of their diverse tradition. The warmth and happiness you feel when you exchange smiles and sometimes food too!

I remember being lost in Taiwan once and a kind stranger walked up to me realizing I was lost and offered help. We were two different individuals, he was dressed prim and proper, was may be heading to work and I was dressed leisurely in my travel attire. Our skin colors were different and we had a difference in our accent too. However, nothing stopped him from offering me help!!

That’s what travelling does to you, its breaks barriers of all kind.  It lets you experience things you have just read or heard about.

Imagine experiencing the first snowfall of your life ever. The snow that’s as white as white clouds!

Imagine getting drenched in the rain and being offered a hot cup of tea/coffee.

Imagine getting a comforting handshake or a hug from someone without being judged for who you are or what you do!!

I can’t name a place that hasn’t been discovered yet. I will also not google about it, because if its on google, its definitely a place that has been unraveled. I will someday just take on a journey to a random country and then hop on to a bus, train, boat to a place that I will casually decide to go to!!

A blind date with the world is something I want to experience in this lifetime at least once. I may not have the money to visit the most talked about places but I’ll at least have experiences and lessons that will last a lifetime. Or who knows, they may last beyond a lifetime too, through all the blogs I will eventually publish about my travel journey.


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