The 100th Blog Post

I kept pondering over what my 100th blog post is going to be about and I couldn’t really pick a genre.

In the process of becoming better at blogging, I have endeavored to better my writing skills. I have also tried to add value to the knowledge I am imparting through my blogs.

I am able to comfortable read, research and write on various topics, parenting and self-improvement being one of them. I have over the time, covered a few self-help tips, parenting lessons and ideas to beautify your homes. I also intend to touch base on few tips as to how you could use the money that often stays put in your piggy banks. (This is something that I am still learning about)

Lately, I have had some really busy and hectic days. We all know the impact of busy, hectic, exhausting days have on our moods and thankfully we have a long holiday season ahead.

Time, was unusually kind and I had some time to just laze around. Mr Husband and I were able to chalk about some really important details around our lives and career. Later during the day Z boy jumping beside me, he was climbing over my tummy, we had some tickling sessions, poetry singing, laughing and our small moments of fun.

I realized that how in my everyday hustle of wanting to complete all tasks on time, be a perfectionist I sometimes miss out on the little moments of happiness and fun.

I didn’t have a big spread for lunch today. Z boy didn’t have multiple options for breakfast either. He was out of the house playing through the afternoon and surprisingly I didn’t even helicopter over him even once.

I even managed to finish some work during the evening and make a few lists of what I wanted to achieve in the coming days.  The cup of coffee was consumed while it still was hot!!

All through the day, I kept thanking the Almighty for the day I was having. I usually have a night time ritual where we say thank you to God for the day we have had.

This day was however special, I had some leads towards solution for some pending tasks at hand. I was happy, cheerful and content for most part of the day.

Sounds, like a perfect day. Often, when people here about my recent career choice, they come to perceive a life they believe I live.

As a blogger, reviewer, writer and stay at home parent, I seldom can’t find the right way to balance it all. I keep juggling things and tasks too. I even fail however as always, I have been thankful for my failures. I don’t always live the life that you think I do basis my social media posts!!


We all have just one life to live and we try and make the most out of it always. We try and make the best use of our time. We invest our time in everything that we can. As humans we want to be at the epitome of everything however it’s not something that is humanely possible always!!


We are habitually so busy that we forget to be thankful for what we have today. The worry of future and what may happen tomorrow makes you forget to be grateful. Being grateful is not a trait that you need to acquire, it’s an attribute that comes from your heart.

I say this through experience, you ought to plan your life, have goals, make investments, secure yours and your families future. However, amidst all this, you have to take a moment to sit back and relax. Take another moment to say Thank You!!

Express gratitude for all that you have gained and lost. If you ever have looked at a balance sheet of an accounting firm you will see that the liabilities and the assets both have to balanced for the final figures to tally. Similarly, in life, you have to poise the nice with the not so nice and be thankful for everything. You are not expected to say “thank you’ always, remember, “actions speak louder than words”. Apply that every so often too!!


Also here are few songs that I like to listen too when I am frenzied!!

Happy – Pharell Williams 

I Gotta Feeling

Love You Zindagi

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