She is and always will be….


I sat with the phone in my hand wondering where to start from rather wondering who to write about?

The prompt of the short story series I wanted to participate in brought to mind names of quite a few women who deserved an ode however a short story wouldn’t do justice to all that they achieved in life!

The first person to come to my mind was obviously my mom, my mumma to whom I owe everything I am today. From ensuring that I was a healthy baby despite being a seven month preemie to standing by my side in every right or wrong decision I made. From letting me have my own experiences, to giving me knowledge and guidance about everything big and small. My love and respect for her will never suffice for all that she has been and  has done for all her kids. When they say a mother’s love is selfless, they sure had my maa in mind.

Talking about selfless love, another woman who has constantly  displayed acts of selfless love and kindness is my maa in law. She is my maa in law only because of the tag that the world has given to in laws otherwise she is has provided me with love and support which is equal,  in fact on certain occasions it has been greater than what she has had for her kids.

God sure made moms with a purpose, a purpose to over see almost everything. To ensure everything functioned in its natural ability. To participate in providing finances and at the same time ensure everyone in the house is well fed and well taken care off!!

From my maid who works in different houses to ensure her children get quality education, pursue sports of their choice to,  the vegetable vendor who sells vegetables in two shifts to ensure she earns enough to pay for her son’s medical degree.

I remember,  being multi talented, flexible, easily adaptable to changes, having people management skills, risk management skills, being a quick thinker, decision maker etc. etc.  were all considered to be performance indicators at my previous job and some of my colleagues still had challenges getting an A rating for something that is so basic and is a natural instinct for mother.

So whether homemakers or bread winners, whether feminists or not, whether achievers or not, we women are stronger than you think we are!

I hope that people who molest, rape, lech, commit felony of any kind against women understand this  that through her you were born and it is in her arms that you will be put to rest!! ( Dharti, Agni)


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