Memoirs from Parenthood

I have never compared the struggles of a stay at home parent versus the struggles of a working parent but on days when I’m almost into a war zone with my toddler I’m forced to believe only for a few minutes that may be working parents have it easy at least for a few minutes of their working time.

From scattered toys which they rarely play with when scattered  to constant wanting of candies, biscuits, cold water, in fact wanting everything that’s not healthy  to wanting to have a conversation with you when you are on the phone discussing something important with someone, to helping them answer nature’s call while you just put two morsels of food in your mouth, to countless things which when achieved make you feel happy and content!!

Every parent and child have their moments of happiness, sadness, anger, melt downs. It’s these moments that carve the foundation of your relationship with a child. Through certain years of experience, I have realized children demand the same level of reasoning and understanding as us adults when told to refrain from doing a certain thing. The constant attention they crave from us is because parents, are the only familiar and trust worthy people they have seen around them when things have gone wrong.

We are the ones that try and make their hurt OK. We are the ones that offer solace.We are the ones that appreciate and cheer for them. We are the ones that feed them, play with them when they are little. We are the ones teaching them new things and helping them explore the unexplored.

Then one day suddenly we want them to be independent, we want them to ask less questions, we want them to be on their own, we want them to well behaved even when we aren’t. Well now that’s not fair, is it?

We are responsible for teaching our children to differentiate the right from the wrong but aren’t we also responsible to set examples.

No matter how old our children will be, they will always find comfort in the company of their parents. They will always relish the food cooked by their parents. The vacations with family will be the happiest ones!!

We definitely want our children to be independent but we need to teach them how to be so. We need to indulge in fun competitions with them and ask them to complete a certain task, for e.g indulge in a toy picking competition with them and let them win and then reward them.

My toddler received a small wallet as return gift in a birthday party, I keep giving him some coins and seldom let him buy goodies for himself. Teach them the importance of money from an early age.

Let them see the goodness in completing a certain task, help them realize how something benefits them. If you realize that you have spoken to them in a tone you don’t want them to imitate, apologize for it and let them know that accepting their faults is a good thing to do.

Appreciate them for doing small things, this way they will learn to appreciate the help of other people.

We often hold the school responsible for teaching our children good or bad habits, yes the amount of time they spend at school and what they learn at school is of utmost importance however the very first lessons come from home. Let these lessons be worthy of remembrance.

Be a friend and a parent together. Patience is a virtue and assets need to be treasure well.

Time is precious and so are your children, invest your time in them.



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