From one woman to another!

The weather was pleasant than usual days and it had to be more pleasing , after all it was women’s day. The beauty and grace of a woman had made the weather happier. So, while I sat at the window with my cup of tea and my favorite zeera cookies in hand, I was already  in dilemma about how many cookies should I eat since I was working towards maintaining a healthy diet.

Then I said to myself, it’s OK to have two more extra cookies and so I did. While scrolling through the dozens of messages that were being floated in various Whats App groups about this slightly overrated day, I read this particular message twice and immediately came to a conclusion that whether the opposite sex understood it or not, my womenfolk had to!!

The reason I say women’s day is slightly overrated is because we women know we are strong and by now the society knows it too. They know, women will eventually achieve what the society tells them they can’t. Of course, we have some less fortunate women who don’t have the means or support to achieve what they dream of  and hoping the measure that this “nayi sarkar” is taking are fruitful. I wonder why we aren’t treated at par always or why isn’t the same compassion, love, support, respect shown to us on other days throughout the year? Why don’t employers have similar workshops for women and men separately or together throughout the year to make each employee feel valued.

I even believe that, the message I’m trying to put across will soon be a topic of debate on one of the most watched news channel and I’m sure even they wouldn’t really be able to derive at a conclusion that is agreed by all. We are after all different humans with different mindsets, different opinions that are fueled by different factors.

The message on my phone that had my attention longer than any other message did speak about celebrating the differences in woman. The same differences that are looked at as shortcomings by not only the society but by our own family and friends as well.

If we have to celebrate women’s day, let it not be celebrated for the sacrifices made by the women instead let’s create opportunities that reduce their sacrifices

We are thankful to the woman in our lives for being our pillars of strength and success instead let’s give them a chance to be successful themselves. Let them create a vision for themselves and help them fulfil that dream.

We often are all praises for the various roles a woman plays instead let us help her achieve her individuality.

Some of us are often cited as examples for having a perfect work and family life balance. It is us who know what goes into achieving that balance so for a change it’s ok to be inadequate sometimes and still be happy.

Don’t force yourself to be perfect in looks or figure, in books or in vigour. Lady it’s ok to be frantic, whimsical, imperfect, loud, lazy, adventurous, impulsive, ungroomed sometimes. The world will still love you, the world will still applaud you, you are after all God’s most beautiful creation.

There is a lot we still need to achieve as a nation, state, city and as an individual. Smaller steps help cover a long journey.

Breathe, Think, Live, Love, Eat, Plan, Work, repeat in whatever order you like.






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