Moms and Ads!!

​The other day my perpetually better half pointed out to me about these various ads that used “maa ka pyaar” as a bait to lure consumers, to which I impulsively reacted and said, what’s wrong with that? After all, mom’s love is unconditional and beyond any measure.


Later through the course of the day, when I had to impose certain restrictions on my toddler on what he should eat and what he shouldn’t, keeping his health in mind, when I had to say No multiple times, even though my heart wanted to say ‘Yes’, to his never ending demands, I realised that most of these things that my little mister asked for were things he see’s on T.V and is so decoyed away by the advertisements.

While I was tucking my little man into bed, he asked me if he could hug me even when he is older, to which I undoubtedly said yes. He then asked me to buy LIC because of some ad he saw of how beneficial it is for kids and boy I was amazed.

Later just before I was about to call it a day my mind wandered off to the portrayal of a mum, her hardships, her success, her habits, her abilities by the ad world. I did cover a post on how cinema has set expectations on what a mother should be like!!  

I had often heard, jo dikhta hain, woh bikta hain. ( what you see, sells) but little did I realise that everything would be literally on sale someday. 

Having studied branding and marketing in depth, it indeed is necessary to tap on a consumer’s need and emotions however we need to know where to draw a line.

A mosquito repellent brand has time and again used a mom’s reason to worry, care for and discipline their child as a USP for their product but they have forgotten that one of the largest branding tactics still remains word of mouth and customer experience.

As a blogger and a Mom, I am a part of various Facebook groups where mothers share their experiences about various products. It’s sometimes appalling to see how some women get overwhelmed with the whole marketing strategy and start calling each other names.

We obviously have our favourites when it comes to brands and that’s out of our experiences. Even in various parenting seminars that I have attended, people want to know how to curb the impact of various ads on children.

Ads are all out to entice your kids in getting you to buy them what they say. Thanks to the lifestyle social media has created, we seldom too want to experience products reviewed by various influencers!!

It’s a little request to dear advert makers and brand owners, we know your product isn’t always as fabulous as you advertise it to be! It’s great that you are portraying the love of a mom through your ads but if would be better if you did something for those moms who like every mother want the world for their child but cannot afford it.

No one can ever compare the love of a mother, for that matter, love of a parent for their child. Each of us have our own ways and each of us learns through experience and lets just leave it at that.

Let’s celebrate and share the experience of motherhood/parenthood by helping a parent create a better today and plan for an even better tomorrow.



There are some ads that really tap on the beautiful journey of parenting.

Have a look – Cute Ads




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