It’s Ok!

​I sat there, sipping tea and staring at things around me wondering what should  I write about, trying to gather some inspiration, waiting for an idea  bubble to pop into my head but nothing really occurred!

I still sat there, now all worked up and simultaneously  craving for an extra dose of caffeine because I hadn’t  adhered to certain self set guidelines.

I was even more anxious now because I had an extra task piled up on my already long, to do list!! Phew!!

Not as an act of procrastination but as a remedy to ease my worry I called a friend who lived in a completely different time zone and began raving and ranting about how my almost happy, perfect, sometimes easy life seemed so chaotic right now and how I yearned for better outcomes from life and career in general.

She participated in the raving and ranting too however she told me something which made me stop. She said, it’s ok!! I was like, no it isn’t, I mean how can not achieving something grand and humongous out of your life and career be ok?

She then further told me how unnecessary stress and anxiety had given rise to a heart condition for her but thankfully the condition wasn’t worrisome.

It is strange indeed that often we grow up believing that we will achieve something really big in life with our standard efforts and are really disappointed when the same doesn’t happen. We don’t realise when the disappointment turns to stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes makes us question our existence too.

We are not told one thing though and that one thing is,that it’s ok. Honestly it’s ok to fail sometimes because just the way  failure teaches you what not to do the next time, the same way it teaches the onlookers too!

It’s ok to be disorganised sometimes, it is through the mess that some great ideas pop up.

It’s ok to miss certain deadlines on a personal front, unless they involve family, friends or your health.

It’s ok to sit and stare into oblivion because you are eventually giving your mind and body time to rest.

It’s ok to be vague and imperfect because  that’s what lays the foundation for achieving perfection!!

Just so you know, for reasons unknown, last month I missed putting an article on a social media platform about a topic I LOVE the most, I missed an appointment to the saloon, I didn’t call back a recruitment agency for a prospective job offer but I am still surviving.

I am surviving with lessons on how to better things done in the past and obviously with my heart filled with tons of love and happiness as the time spent on missing things was, effectively utilised for family ☺❤





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