Mommy Woes!!

I love being a mom and everyone who knows me would sooner or later agree with my larger than life display of love for my son. However I too have my momzilla moments and then all hell breaks’ loose.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, making sure your child is well fed, is always the biggest worry in the world. Today after I picked my son up from school, I had to run a few errands and also make a quick trip to the supermarket and while I was making sure I mentally ticked all the items to purchase from the supermarket, I was about to hit level one of paranoia, because my son hadn’t had a snack (and believe me it feels like a crime sometimes when your child is unfed for more than 2 hours)

I was about to pick a chocolate and a biscuit which had some high funda hullabaloo about it providing certain amount of energy and having a mix of nuts too (nuts are healthy by the way)!! But some good sense prevailed, maybe the angels in heaven were really watching over my son (well there is this story about disciplining my son, that involves two angels watching him all the time).There was a fruit cart nearby, I picked up an apple, got it billed at the billing counter. I was carrying an extra bottle of water, so washed it ( you get bottled water at supermarkets….tsk tsk) and since I always carry a Swiss knife, cut it into half and handed it over to my son.

Ahh!! The peace the set into my mind, that feeling of getting my son to eat something healthy, was just like the feeling of, India winning over Pakistan!!

So the next time you got to travel with your babies\toddlers, here are some quick snacks that you can carry. Also make sure you have a small knife wrapped in an aluminum foil, which will help you to cut things.

o    Cut fruits, in case you worry about the fruit changing color, carry the whole fruits and cut an give small pieces later.

o    Whole fruits like, banana, cherries, grapes, strawberries can be carried to, wash them, dry them and wrap them in a cling film or put it in an air tight container to carry with you.

o    Cut pieces of cheese or cheese sandwiches. I’d prefer roti rolled with cheese.

o    If your child is allergic to milk, then soy milk is a better option, small tetra packs of soy milk are easily available.( My son loves it and is better than frooti n packaged drinks)

o    In case you love weekend baking, bake some extra cookies with nuts and homemade butter for your child. If baking soothes your nerves, bake some finger foods too.

o    Homemade snacks baked or even fried are always better than the store bought ones, because the store bought ones have preservatives.

o    Fries, you can bake the readymade fries, the pack has instructions on how to-do so! Fries are always a hit with the kids.

o    In case your child is still having pureed food, pureed food can be frozen and used later. Do that, it saves time and is better than those “ ready-made ,just add water” types food.

o    Always carry plenty of water to ensure your child is well hydrated.

o    If your child is allergic to gluten, then fruits and veggies like cucumber, boiled carrots, sweet potato and peas are always an option.

Finally, Mr. Google and Pinterest always have answers for us moms, who are seekers for treasures of health for our kids. Just ensure you avoid giving your kids too much of packaged food because no matter how healthy they claim to be, they will always have some preservative added to make sure it stays on that supermarket rack.

Mommies who cant do the above, just trust your gut for whatever you decide, because after all mommy knows best.

Happy Searching, Travelling and Raising up Kids Mommies!!

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