Ponder over it

Often in life, we are left wondering about a lot of things, somethings we know the answers to, some we choose, not to seek answers for! A few of these thoughts have crossed my mind randomly and I never really searched for the answer to the many “whys”, that did pop up. May be someday you’ll find answer’s to them, may be someday I shall set out to seek them!!

If scars are beautiful, why am I judged on how I gave birth?

 If colors are beautiful, why is black considered ugly?

 If being messy is ok, why do people leave when relationships get messy?

 If higher is where you wanna go, why you are questioned on being high once in a while?

If stealing is a crime, why aren’t you behind bars for stealing my heart? 

If friendship is forever, why did you disappear after the love was over? 

If success doesn’t come easy, why did you let your child buy an educational degree instead of they earning it. 

If you claim to be able to read faces, why can’t you see my hurt!

If you believe your struggles are difficult, why didn’t you notice your mum’s cracked feet? 

If you believe responsibilities make your burden heavier, why didn’t you notice the hunch in your dad’s back? 

If you believe every day is a new beginning, why are you crying over what’s gone? 

Let nothing take away your happiness from you, not even for a moment, it’s going to be difficult,  some days you would wish ,you had never set out on this journey, but remember how the first ray from the sun brings sunshine, exactly  that way, a new day will bring new beginnings and  new memories…new people and new found happiness!

Some will stay and some will move on after they’ve completed their purpose in your life!! Stay Alive, STAY HAPPY, STAY YOU!!

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