United or Divided

Too Big a Post!! But what the heck!! Constitution granted me the right to freedom of expression! 🙂

HALA Madrid!! And all I could hear around me was the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Anthem which goes like this –

They are the best teams They are the best teams The main event

And then some part of the verse says –

They are the best They are the best These are the champions

Indeed they were the best,CR-7 was/is the man to die for and that’s all that I would like to say because my knowledge for the game( or any sport) is limited and I’d rather not hurt the sentiments of millions of fans and land myself into a political hullabaloo ( I like this word)

Keeping talks of the hullabaloo aside, let me fast-track my band wagon to the much awaited world war, yes I’d like to call it that or at least that’s how most Indians perceive it to be, I’m referring to the ICC World Champions 2017, India Vs. Pakistan Cricket Match.

That’s what happens right, if an ardent sports lover genuinely appreciates the batting or bowling of the Pakistani team, we immediately change his nationality, we are willing to condemn his identity! People who have no knowledge, of the constitution, basic civic responsibilities, rights, whether educated or not, just lament him/her as Pakistani!! Kyu Bhai!! Yes Pakistan has a huge role to play in terrorism and disrupting the humanity of the world, but there are other nations who equally add fuel to the fire of terrorism and let’s not even get there because my life is very dear to me. NO!! I’m not scared to speak/fight against terrorism, or against nationals or politicians or the elite class! I’m not even scared to fight against discrimination, racism, rape, child labor, corruption, crime and all the other things that stop us from being responsible adults!! However over the time I have realized that it’s not a one man( in my case one woman) battle.

Let it be IPL, ICC, ISL, 20 -20, World Cup or any other Trophy, UEFA or Europa OR Bundesliga or any other god damn league. Let it be Olympics or the common wealth games. When it comes to sports we are true examples of “United we stand”? Then why do we portray “Divided we fall”, when it comes to religion? Yes we are divided into various states and provinces without choice, yes we belong to different religions because we were born in a particular household and we didn’t really have a choice.

Imagine if a Hindu and a Muslim (Lord save me for trying to subjugate two important religions) and now this is only an example I’m giving, yes so imagine these two people decide to have a baby and if the baby had a choice to be born as a Christian, wouldn’t that be amazing, Par aisa hota nahi hain, nahi hoga!! It’s against the law of the universe.

So the point im trying to make is, that even though we are divided in various groups and sects without having much choice, why we can’t make a unanimous decision to unite for cataclysms, tragedies and calamities. Yes as different individuals we are bound to have different opinions over different matters; however can’t we become one when it comes to fighting Rape, Molestation, and Murder ,for that matter crime of any kind!

Can’t we use the same enthusiasm that sports bring to us, to beautify some one’s life,to beautify the nation?

You know the way we appeal for a run out or bowled over or for a penalty or a red card, why can’t we appeal for justice the same way for farmers, teachers, laborers, in short, justice against all the wrong that happens around us!

Just the way while watching football, cricket or tennis, every Indian household wants their child to be a Sachin, a Ronaldo or a Sania, why don’t they teach their children to be good, responsible and honest human beings?

There will be umpteen number of why’s and if’s raised if I keep writing but what’s important is how many souls would it stir,how many mindsets would be willing to change, how many people will be willing to try and how many people will not just be bystanders to the wrong!!

I don’t know how are my opinions going to be perceived, I don’t know If I’ll be appreciated or criticized.

But I do know one thing  and that is, that at the end of every day when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m able to smile at my reflection and be proud of myself!!

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