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Happiness is…..

Happiness is…seeing my toddler happy. Happiness is….watching your child grow into a wonderful human being. Happiness is…being able to fulfil your parents wishes. Happiness is…time spent with your siblings. Happiness is….reliving nostalgic memories with your buds. Happiness is…a hug from someone you love and care. Happiness is ….a phone call from a long lost friend. […]


As I was nearing the end of a murder mystery novel which was extremely gripping…I was hoping that the murderer get’s sentenced to death but the book ended with the murderer going scott free and I sat there feeling hollow.I had a dull feeling sink into me because the book hadn’t ended the way I […]

Ponder over it

Often in life, we are left wondering about a lot of things, somethings we know the answers to, some we choose, not to seek answers for! A few of these thoughts have crossed my mind randomly and I never really searched for the answer to the many “whys”, that did pop up. May be someday […]

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