How to practice gratitude everyday?

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Gratitude is not a new found emotion. The art of expressing gratitude has existed for centuries. We all mug for appreciation and acknowledgement. It is through simple acts of appreciation; you can practice gratitude. Gratitude is, being thankful for the small and big things and also for all the perceptible and imperceptible things in life. Saying, “thank you” or appreciating something, may seem like a very simple task however it definitely has long term benefits!!

Gratitude doesn’t necessarily mean chanting thank you or saying appreciative words all through the day. Practicing being grateful, on a regular basis helps us to see the positive in things around us. While we do this, we are also become aware of the sources of goodness around us, which helps us to eliminate the negativity from our life.

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During these times of the pandemic and uncertainty, it becomes vital for us to practice being thankful and content on a regular basis. Several studies show that practicing thankfulness has immense benefits to our, physical, mental and emotional health.

Here are some simple ways to practice gratitude on a daily basis.

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Maintain a gratitude journal.

Seldom, we are unable to express our appreciation through words. It always helps to list down the smallest of things you are thankful. Seldom, we are apprehensive of people’s reaction to us being thankful too. Hence, maintaining a gratitude journal not only makes you feel positive, it helps you be mindful too.

Be thankful for everything and everyone.

I picked up this habit from my husband, he would thank everyone he interacted with! Be it the mailman, security guard or a waiter, he would appreciate everyone. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t have to be a vote of thanks, simple acts of kindness matter too. Appreciate every big and small thing in life and around you too. Children develop positive habits too when you express gratitude towards kids!

Look at challenges as something to learn from.

I understand, it is always easier said than done! However, the little challenges that I have conquered in life have helped me be thankful for what I have. Being grateful is not always about appreciating the positive, it is also thinking about your negative experiences too!! It always helps to ponder over your past experiences and draw lessons from them. I strongly believe that everything that happens, happens for a reason. This mindset has over the time helped me be more optimistic!

Express gratitude to everyone around you.

Gratitude is not just about self-discovery. We are often quick to react to something that is wrong or something that goes amiss. On the other hand, it helps to express thankfulness to people around you, people you love! You can either say thank you or write them a little thank you note. Get them something they like or simply help them with a task or two. Appreciate their efforts all the time. There are so many ways to express gratefulness to people. Doing this, gives a little life to their and your endorphin levels for sure.

Look for gratitude within you.

Gratitude is the act of appreciation and thankfulness. You cannot spread positivity and happiness if you lack that within you. You need to practice appreciating yourself too. We are often so focused on becoming a better person that we forget to pay attention to the goodness we already possess. Try not complaining and criticizing for a day and you will instantly feel the positivity around you. The best part about practicing gratitude with your own self is that it can be practiced by doing nothing too!

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There are lots of ways to practice gratitude every day. You start of by practicing gratitude for your own self and eventually practice it for friends and family. Practicing gratitude is a great way to help reduce emotional set-backs eventually, resulting in better mental health. It helps clear the negativity in our lives and also boosts are self-esteem. Thankfulness or gratitude is a wonderful feeling, its time you verbalize and share it.

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