Realizations to ponder on as the world prepares to unlock.

The world is preparing to unlock from the lock down. The pandemic is as determined as the dementors in Harry Potter, to suck out happiness from the world. Despite the unfortunate happenings, we are all determined as a fierce warrior to give it a good fight. We all have had some major realizations during this pandemic. I have had time to pause, reflect and evaluate things. We have also been able to make little kids aware of the current world crisis and how to handle it. As humans we have surely had some deep realizations that have changed our perceptions and some of our beliefs too.

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The social media is brimming with images of how carefree a life we lived before corona. Most of us have accepted the new norms of living and spoken about it at length. The current situation is not going to change any sooner. We have all adapted to different and mandatory measures of safety and well-being. Our realizations and learning from the pandemic are definitely going to last us forever. The most important matter of consciousness has been about mother nature. As unfortunate as it has been, we have understood that the nature was bestowed to humans as a gift. It’s time we treat it that way.

On a personal front too, the lock down has helped me pick up a few skills. Along with these skills, there are a few realizations that I want to talk about. Life is indeed simple and we can work with the simplest of things is the most important learning I have had!!

Health is the real wealth.

It would sound cliche, if I said, “health is wealth”. Honestly, it is. We always knew the importance of a good diet and exercise however lacked consistency. If you are reading this and are in the comfort of your house, you are the most fortunate. Health is something that you need to constantly nurture and pay utmost attention too!

Working from home and for home is challenging.

I am a freelancer and I juggle multiple professional goals through home. I have worked from home, out of home and for home. Honestly, I was always well aware of the challenges of working from home however Mr. Husband realised it too! We have tried our best to make work from home feel like working from an office during this lockdown. However, work from home involves more planning and organising than an office set up.

Anything can be made at home.

Yes!! You can almost make anything at home and eat as much as you want too! Well, I am not referring to the fancy, MasterChef sort of dishes but our regular dishes! Most of the food items that we usually order for or eat at a restaurant, can be easily made at home. Yes, sometimes it’s a lot of hard work but then you know what goes into the dishes. I have aced making all sorts of Chaat, Mughlai food, pastas etc. Even though I didn’t participate in the famous dalgona coffee challenge, I still managed to bake a few cakes and some bread too!

Our community and household helpers

The people who help us with our daily chores are often taken for granted. It is during times of this pandemic have we realised the worth of these people. Right from your maid to your newspaper delivery person, everyone has an important job to do. These are the people that need your constant support and appreciation.  So, in case, you still haven’t checked on the people who made your life extremely easy and hassle free, it’s about time you did!!

Kids are our real warriors.

While, we have all battled emotional, mental and physical hurdles during the lock down, kids have been heroes too! Kids have not only adjusted well to this pandemic situation but have also been the bravest warriors. They have not only happily stayed indoors instead they have also helped us adults maintain our sanity. The kids now deserve a little more than hugs, kisses and a few gifts too.

Family is above everything

There is a reason why this point is mentioned last in the list. Family tops everything and is the most important. It is our families and relationships that have helped us tackle this global pandemic easily. We are all under a lockdown, yet we are grateful for our family being safe and being around us. The global pandemic has been unfortunate to quite a few of us which is a reason strong enough to be grateful for what we have. Family is precious and our relationships definitely need to be nurtured and treasured.

These realizations can differ for each individual and the list can be longer for almost everyone. These are some realizations that I want to talk about. Then, there are realizations that I say a prayer of gratitude for every single day!! I am hoping these lessons continue to stay with us and we find enough time to reflect and act on them.

28 thoughts on “Realizations to ponder on as the world prepares to unlock.

  1. I totally understand Mayura. It pains me too. We have had the lesson of our lifetimes through this pandemic and we need to be really cautious.

  2. You are welcome Samidha. I have come to terms that I cannot be perfect all the time and may not ace everything always. So sometimes its ok to not have picture worthy meals.

  3. Making work life balances is not easy at home for sure. However glad you can manage well. All the best dear.

  4. That is wonderful. We have all evolved and learnt to retrospect in a different way all together. Stay safe and blessed dear.

  5. This pandemic has changed my perspective to life. I’ve started appriciating life and also realised that I dont need to always rely on others to get my work done. From making a point to go to mall every week to staying indoors without stepping a foot out for 5 months, I’ve learned to appreciate every little things in life.

  6. I agree that this pandemic has taught us so many valuable life lessons. And we had understood the importance of various things in our lives, which we usually otherwise take for granted.

  7. Family is definitely everything and sometimes taken for granted. Also i tried making our work life more organized at home but with an infant it doesn’t seem to work that well but I still get things done and I’m happy about that!

  8. Sucha timely post. Agree to every word you have expresses here. Kids are surely doing great with their online classes and completely new way of education.

  9. Very nice’s relate to everyone in this pandemic and yes I can say this everything can made at home.

  10. Very nice’s relate to everyone in this pandemic and yes I can say this everything can made at home

  11. We all related with this. Working from home, cooking at home, online school, household chores, n taking care of everyone is overwhelming, but still we are managing.

  12. Yes there have been so many changes during the current phase and I feel we all have evolved ourselves in many ways. I agree with you on all every point you shared.

  13. Beautiful blog post. My favourite point was Working from and for home is challenging, which I am facing right now.. and believe I was in perception that I was only the one who is getting late in every household chores. Thanks for such motivation 🙂

  14. Couldn’t agree more… 🙂 The lockdown had surely been a great challenge but a huge learning for all of us. However, it pains me to watch my friends continue to ignore their health. Well, thats a story for another time. Thank you for writing this wonderful post, it will inspire many.

  15. Love your article. I am sure most of us would relate to this post. Work from home is a challenge and we have acknowledged not only doctors and police but also sanitation workers. As they played an equal role during the lock down. Good one.

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