Craving a midnight snack? Here is what you should eat.

My professional day usually begins past midnight. You can blame it on creative juices flowing only during the dark hours just like the dark arts.While I am concentrating on making the most of these quite, non-baby babble times,I hear my stomach grumbling and rumbling. I soon have to pause the flow of my creative juices midway and go look for a midnight snack. The challenge to find something healthy to munch on is real.

I often snack up on some nuts or a biscuit or two. Sometimes I indulge in a packaged snack too. Soon enough I realize that snacking at odd hours can make your weight control attempt lag behind. As per certain researches, a snack that is well under 200 calories, shouldn’t be a trouble. So after a bit of researching and asking around, here is a list of some midnight snack items that will surely get you through the week.

Easy and Healthy Midnight Snacks

Berries – Well, minimalism is the key here. Opt for minimally processed foods and fruits like berries and cherries are a good choice. Studies say that they even help you sleep better.

Banana – I can only think of the minions when I think of banana. Remember, how the minions are all so chirpy and fun. I think it’s because of the B.A.N.A.N.A. They are high in fiber and give you the much needed energy too.

Apple with peanut butter – I love apples and peanut butter indeed tastes delicious. A good combination of fiber and fat to keep you going through the night.

Apples and Peanut Butter (Apple Slices) Recipe -,q_80,w_412,h_232/v1/img/recipes/21/83/90/picZLz4xF.jpg

Hot Cereal – Wait! Wasn’t this a breakfast option? Indeed you can slurp up some hot cereal with nuts for a midnight snack too.However you need to make sure that this is a whole grain cereal and isn’t loaded with sugar.

Top 5 Hot Cereals for a Quick Breakfast |

Cottage Cheese and Cheese – We all love cheese. It makes us happy and cheesy ( ok, bad joke) Cheese is high in calcium and when you pair it with a whole grain bread, crackers or a fruit, it’s a delicious snack. You can even roll up a roti with some cottage cheese or cheese, add some seasoning and voila! Your healthy snack is ready.

Cottage Cheese Toast Ideas - Vegetarian 'Ventures
Cottage Cheese Toast Ideas - Vegetarian 'Ventures

Yogurt – I love yogurt but I usually avoid it in the night because it doesn’t agree with my throat.However, it’s high in calcium and makes for a great snack. Add some nuts and fruits and you are good to go for sure.

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Eggs – Eggs and toast are my favorite breakfast combination. Besides being my favorite snack, hard boiled eggs make for a healthy and scrumptious midnight snack too.

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Humus – Humus is wholesome and makes or a great combination with veggies and chips.Additionally, humus makes for a great snack accompaniment too.

You can even munch on air fried popcorn or roasted fox nuts. They are healthy and make for great snacks as well. You also need to keep in mind that midnight snacking is a habit you may want to gradually change. Watch your diet through the day, eat healthy food, exercise and meditate too. A healthy lifestyle is after all the key to healthy mind and body.

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