Everyday motherhood in a funny nutshell

Parenting is like having to play a Quidditch match as a muggle born.You surely have heard all about it but get to experience it only when you experience motherhood. I have always been surrounded with people who were carrying heavy buckets of advice and help. However being a novice to motherhood, the entire experience was overwhelming on most days. I wanted to ace motherhood just like I was able to master all my PowerPoint presentations. I soon realized motherhood was not very similar to my office meet-ups. In the office meet ups, I knew what to expect, I knew the questions people would throw at me. I was mostly well prepared for contingent and unexpected situations.. Conversely in the case of motherhood, I often found myself surrounded by prodigious moments.


More often than we to ,I was surround with shit. My dark circles are definitley obsessed with me. Parenting and motherhood is never a bed of roses says everyone.However, it is something that beautifies your world in a way you have never known.

man and two children on grass field

Parenting and motherhood indeed makes you experience things with a new perspective.You also begin to care less about the way you look. There are some peculiar signs of being a new mom and these don’t go unnoticed. I am mother who had a sleep plan in place and still spent sleepless nights for long. Hence, it makes it easy for me to list down how some peculiar motherhood moments can some humor to your life.

Good hair, bad hair, I don’t care

Good hair days are definitely the sweetest days. Who agrees? #hair #hairbotox #hairbeauty #sweethairusa

It doesn’t matter if you have Instagram worthy hair on certain days or if you have masses of hair falling all over the place. Your hair is mostly tied up in a bun. You need to protect the balance hair you have from being pulled or eaten and hence a messy mom bun is the best thing you can manage.

Stained clothes is the new motherhood fashion.

Omg! Yes! This is me right now! Day 3 of the same pants...because honestly who has time to change!

If you never have had your clothes stained, then you haven’t fully enjoyed parenting.During the course of motherhood, my clothes have become the canvas for my kid.Besides having food stains, you will also have poop and pee stains on your clothes.

Your body is more flexible than you think it is.

I never imagined how flexible my body can be. I have transformed from a swing to a horse easily.I can even easily become a slide and have the ability to talk like animals. A skill I didn’t know I was a master at :-p

Dark Circles are your best buddies

I could earlier sleep for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch and I am not kidding.Fast forward to being a mother, I now easily wake up ( read lie awake in my bed for hours) Thanks to insomnia giving me constant company, dark circles need a lot of make up to be hidden.

Binge watching is a far fetched motherhood dream.

Believe me, I have a subscription for every app, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc. However, my phone keeps reminding me that these are rarely used apps.These are like less traveled places.I know they exist but I haven’t visited most of them.

Make-up videos can drive you in a frenzy

I am not a hands-on make up person.I usually awe at the expertise displayed by people who are so good at make-up. In my initial motherhood days, I would feel thrilled on being able to put a lipstick or a kajal too.

Online Shopping Sites Are BAE

We are so consumed with your parental duties that online shopping sites are our best friends. You can go to them whenever you want.They have no expectations from you. You can spend hours looking through things. Add or discard items and even leave without buying anything. Additionally, they deliver as per your convenience.

Motherhood guilt is complimentary.

Guilt as a parent is complimentary, just the like sukha poori you get after eating chaat.Parental guilt will pop up at the most unwanted moments.After a while, you need to learn to work around it. 🙂


There are so many puns made on motherhood and I indeed laugh over them.Despite all the craziness, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.Conversely a few minutes out of the house without the kids would indeed seem like a vacation.As a parent, you are learning every day.Make sure you enjoy the roller coaster ride.

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