Desi moms have some peculiar characteristics and the best ones are about food.

Food is the epitome of our desi universe.Being someone who plans her meals well in advance, I couldn’t agree more on how khana and khilana effects the desi moms the most. Desi parents have an entire weekly menu well planned in advance. The grocery items that our mothers stock could easily help you set up a mini store at home.

different reactions of desi moms

Desi moms have so much to say and so much knowledge to impart that all will not fit in one blog for sure We all know that there are a zillion things our mothers fuss about and as mom I cannot deny some of them. There are some very typical habits of desi parents especially moms that I are indeed worth a mention.

This Is How The Avengers Would've Been Roasted If They Had Desi Moms

Some of the best and known reactions of desi moms to everything food related.

This Is How The Avengers Would've Been Roasted If They Had Desi Moms
  • Right from Aaj kya banao to aaj yahi bana hain, khana hain toh khao, desi mothers ace it all.
  • They have paper cuttings, magazine cut outs of food recipes, a meal planner in the kitchen.
  • Master chef is kitchen goals for them and yet daal rice orΒ  khichdi along with achaar papad, is the solitary food for most of us.
  • Try telling your mothers you will eat only one chapati and the size of the circumference of the chapati will instantly increase.
  • They definitely know the art of camouflaging rejected and disliked food items. Desi mothers can even help you with a detailed degree in it.
  • Our mothers ensure they give special classes to us on how toΒ  peel and cut vegetables.
  • There are also weekend batches of how to bargain and buy vegetables.
  • You are sure to get a complementary course in how to ask for free dhaniya and mirchi.
  • Sweets can easily uplift any mood can solve almost all problems according to desi mothers.
  • Halwa-puri, aamras-puri, gulab jamun, ladoo, pani puri, kadi-chawal, rajma-chawal, dal-rice etc taste best when homemade.
  • You need to be worthy of the hammer similarly you also need to be worthy of using her kitchen appliances.
  • She will have a hidden stack of fancy crockery that shows up only when relatives and guests arrive.
  • Motherly love is indeed selfless because the best gift for mothers for a really long time has been kitchen appliances.
  • The same appliances have time and again been used for everyone else but for herself.
  • Try stirring, chopping, slicing and grating things that don’t comply with her way and see the “Maa” of all emotions erupt.
  • Only desi mothers will walk the entire length and breadth of the house to feed their kids.
  • Mothers continue to prepare different renditions of foods till her child hasn’t eaten to her heart’s content .
  • Its amazing to see how a morsel of food becomes a flying airplane and how the “buddha baba always wants to eat your food.
  • See their smile broaden and their chest swell, when they hear compliments about their food.
  • Also see the kattappa in them rise if you directly tell them someone is a better cook than them.
This Is How The Avengers Would've Been Roasted If They Had Desi Moms

All said and done, the desi parents and their love for food is unfathomable. The food is not just full of spices but is carefully crafted with love, happiness and lots of prayers. The ghee that is laden on food will not just build your immunity but it will also make you realize that ghee and butter is the secret ingredient to making everything delicious.

You too can see some of my desi recipes here.

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