Food items diabetics should avoid or limit.

Health is something we all are set out to control and modify. Food and health definitely go hand in hand. Diabetes and food however do not go hand in hand. Diabetes could be an outcome of your diet, your genes, hormones and few other factors too. When afflicted with diabetes, the most basic medicine to control it is your diet. There are certain food items, which will help you bring diabetes in control, and certain food items which you have to avoid if you don’t want the sugar level to rise beyond necessary.

In part one of this blog I am going to discuss food items that one must avoid in case you are diabetic. In part 2 of this article I am going to put forth list of food items that help you keep diabetes in control. These food items are not substitutes of medicines in any way. It is extremely important to keep a check on what you eat and when as it can effect people with a diabetic condition.

Packed Beverages and Juices. In case of diabetes and otherwise also, intake of fruits is considered healthy. One may consider the intake of fruits juices as healthy too however packed beverages and juices come loaded with sugar. Some may not have added sugar but will still have sugar in the form of glucose and fructose. They are also high in calories, which again are harmful. The best way to judge a fruit beverage is by reading labels on the bottles. It is always better to drink a freshly prepared juice or eat the fruit instead.

Fried food– Fried food can be fattening as well as harmful in case you are diabetic and otherwise too.Fried food would have saturated fats, carbohydrates and sodium in some cases too.Fried food if consumed on a regular basis will increase your cholesterol levels too.

Baked Foods– Baked foods such as white bread or foods made with white flour should be avoided by diabetics. These foods have sugar plus high levels of carbohydrates which doesn’t get broken down in your blood easily.One must also avoid muffins and cakes and biscuits too.

Dairy Products – While dairy products are considered a good source of calcium, there are certain dairy products that should be limited or avoided by people suffering from diabetes. Examples include, full fat milk, cheese and yogurt. One must avoid sweetened yogurts and milk based drinks with sugar too.

Meat and Fatty Food – Meat is considered a good source of protein however red meat can do more harm than good. One must avoid red meat and instead opt for sea-food, eggs, poultry meat, beans, nuts and lentils for protein.One must also avoid fatty food such as butter,chips and oily food.

There are a lot of tips that one can consider to keep the blood sugar levels in check.It is best to seek medical guidance for the same.One can maintain healthy by including different dietary options in their meals. The serving portions can be reduced and one must also maintain a meal diary to help them plan meals. Regardless of the types of food in a person’s current diet, plenty of healthful alternatives are available to try.

The key to healthful eating for everyone, including people with diabetes, is to eat a variety of healthful foods from each of the food groups and to avoid highly processed foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat. Once a person has adjusted to a new diet, they may not even miss the foods that they used to eat

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