Struggles of parenting simplified for you!!

Parenting is tough we all know that but what if I told you parenting is not a struggle! Parenting is pretty easy actually. No, I am not nuts instead I put my freshly recharged brain to use.The mom brain that got some energy and power after eating some nuts. Pretty Lame, huh!! Well parenting does that too you. It takes away your sense of humor and fills it with a few fits of anger, some sarcasm and lots of patience.

Would I want to have parenting any other day? Well not really except may be with a few hacks. There is so much more to parenting than just providing financially and emotionally to your kids. It’s about picking every stone you find on your way and turning it into a blooming flower.Turning almost every situation of struggle into a pact of truce.

As parents we sometimes face countless questions, some we have answers too, for some we don’t and for some we make up answers. As a blogger and a parent, I asked around about the basic struggle one faces during parenting and I got a list full of them. I am going to list down some of them for you and help you with some options too……………………………………………………………………………………………You are welcome.

Time – This seems to be the biggest challenge parent’s face with their kids. We are in a constant struggle against time because we are doing our best to provide our kids with the BEST. Are we really doing them good when the time we spend with them, gets compromised. Seldom kids break into a meltdown or a tantrum because all they demand is some attention.Here is what you can do to optimize the time you have with them. Read a book, even better make a story and make them the main character of the story. It’s even more fun when you let them lead the story. Plan a fun day out with them that does not involve going to a mall or a movie. Take them to a hobby class and cheer for them ( that is without disturbing them) Talk to them about your day and how you experienced different emotions through the day. Ask them about theirs, acknowledge every situation and feeling. When you are driving them to school or somewhere else, sing songs, laugh or simply talk about what you see on the road. Involve them in home chores, this not only instills a sense of responsibility but also you have a little helper with you. Set a gadget free time for yourselves once or twice a week and spend that time playing board games, telling stories or learning something new.

Co-Parenting – In most of our households, the mother is expected to be responsible for raising kids. This ideology has to change from day one as it can be challenging for her. Both parents must be equally involved in the upbringing of children. Parents should divide activity and school time between themselves. They need to alternate roles. In our house, we sometimes have a mommy only and daddy only day for our kids. The best part, he gets to laugh and enjoy all our goof ups when we switch roles.

Health – This is of extreme importance for all our kids however with the variety of packaged foods available, it becomes a struggle. Kids are bound to get attracted with color packaging and parents get attracted with the ease of serving them. Yes, this can be time consuming however as parents we need to give them multiple choices in food. You can look at a lot of fun kid recipes available on the internet. You need to also involve them in peeling food and fruits so they understand the texture. Also get some kid friendly kitchen equipment and let them have fun. We have one simple rule that one must taste everything that is cooked at least once. This helps me reduce the food related challenges with the little monkey.

Discipline – Well, this is like the jackpot of all struggles and challenges of parenting. This is majorly a trial and error situation.The best way to handle this is through example. Remember, we practice what we preach. The second best method to instill good habits and values is through communication. You discuss the outcome of actions, you can read animated books or watch some animated videos too that have positive lessons. And the most important one which we forget to practice is, that reacting to everything is not always needed.

Another major challenge for parents is slowing down. Modern society puts so much emphasis on productivity and activity. If we could all slow down, think of all the creative win-win situations we could create with our children, it would all be less daunting.This image best describes the love between a parent and a child.

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