Benefits Of Tummy Time For Our Babies.

Motherhood is a full of phases.You learn and grow as much as your little one does. You experience the same phases as your little ones do because you are in it together. Right from diapering to sleepless nights, from breastfeeding to first foods, every phase is extremely trivial.One of these trivial phases is Tummy Time, which sounds pretty simple but isn’t for everyone.As a mum of a six year old who now demands independence,I can clearly say that tummy time is the best bonding time of motherhood.

Apart from all the love and happiness this time provides, it is crucial for the baby’s development too.Establishing a healthy tummy time helps aid the developmental milestone in kids.

My doctor suggested that I start it as soon as we get home from the hospital but the little bub got hit by the new born jaundice. While he was at the NICU he got a lot of tummy time because he was placed on his stomach for the light therapy.In some cases, some parents wait for at least two weeks before they can actually begin this routine with the newest family member!

For some parents it turns into a tough time instead of tummy time. Pediatricians and major physiotherapists suggest initially your newborn may fuss or show zero interest in tummy time. This is normal as mostly our kids spend close to 12 to 15 hours a day facing the ceiling or sleeping. This is definitely changing with the onset of strollers, rocking chairs, baby carriers etc. As a mother who has been there done that, I cannot stress enough on the importance of this daily routine during the first 8 months of baby’s physical growth.

I am listing down a few reasons why Tummy Time is important for your child.You may choose to start it as and when you and your bud are ready for it.

Muscle Power – One of the most important benefits of tummy time is that it helps build the muscles of the back and neck in children. It also gives ample opportunity to flex and relax those muscles which help in building a steady back.It also supports your baby by helping it learn to hold its back in a good position.

Motor Skill Development – Tummy time provides important physical stimulation to promote this brain networking and motor development. Tummy time activities with mom and dad during the first few months of life encourage your baby to use their limbs to reach, push, pull, kick and twist

Bonding Time – As a mom who breastfed her kid I definitely voucher for it to be one of the best ways to bond.Tummy time is one of the best ways to bond with your little one.  In fact, doctors suggest it to be as best as skin to skin technique with your newborn. Even daddies can be involved giving mommies some respite from parenting duties.

Improving receptive and sensorial movements – When we usually practice the tummy time, we scatter toys and books around. When your baby tried to reach out to anything or tried to fix their glaze on it, leading to better vision and focus.Tummy time definitely helps stimulate the senses of our babies. You can also talk and sing to your baby when practicing tummy time.

Here are some ways you can practice tummy time with your little one.

  • Go Slow
  • Move to your baby’s level
  • Use mirrors
  • Put the baby on your tummy or chest
  • Involve a sibling
  • Practice it for multiple activities
  • Sing a song or tell a story
  • Offer adequate support
  • Both parents should be involved.

Tummy time also reduces the chances of your baby having a flat head. It also helps boost activities such as rolling over, crawling and pushing up in kids.Tummy time may not be very easy initially but with practice it becomes enjoyable for everyone and is one of the best bonding time for everyone.

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