Love Your Pet and How?

Amigo! The name was apt for him because that is what he was, My Amigo! The ten years he was with us completely changed how my family and I looked at animals and came to believe how animals are way better than humans.The amazon fire is at its worst, has hit the animals terribly and this looks almost like the end of the world to me. As humans we can protest, scream, cry, run and find a place to hide when in trouble but where do animals go? No animal can walk himself to a place of shelter without being shunned away at least once!

If you ever decide to get a pet always remember that having a pet is exactly like having a baby, a baby with lesser demands than a human baby though!

Animals just need love and attention and yes a little food and water too. Well, its another story that our’s needed a little ice-cream and cake occasionally too. While you will find plenty reasons across the internet telling you why you should get a pet, I too will list down a few of my own.

  • Unconditional Love
  • Better at social skills
  • Loads of exercise
  • Lots of snuggling in for space
  • Lots of scratch marks ( read love marks)
  • Lots of wet and sloppy kisses
  • Greatest Stress Buster
  • Teaches you the act of sharing always
  • Innovative games
  • Group Hugs
  • You save the money for a door bell
  • Best Friend For Life.

I sound like an intoxicated lover but all of the above does hold true. Having a pet can be a stressful and an exhausting experience too. Having aaid that, no matter how trying your pet is, you will always love them. Caring for your pet is a great joy. Here are just simple ways to show them how much you care.

Exercise with them This doesn’t have to be some strenuous exercise because simple game of playing fetch works wonders too. You need to understand that you are domesticating an animal that has pent of energy which needs to be released. Plus it does good to you too. You get to sweat it out as well. The icing on the cake is, when you are out with your pet, you are bound to attract some really cool crowd as well.

Feed Your Pet Sufficiently We all love food and so do they.They can burn their energies faster than us and hence you need to feed them well and in proper intervals. Careful consideration when choosing what food or treats are best for your breed of animal is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

Regular Check Ups Yes they contract everything from flees to ticks to ear infections more easily than us and they cannot really clean themselves on their own.Regular visits to the doctor and regular grooming sessions for your pet is the best way to make sure they stay healthy and fit for long.

Consistency We all like a routine and pets are no different. Make sure you have a steady schedule for everything which makes things easier for you and them. If you maintain a steady schedule for your pets, you will come to realize how easily your schedules get entwined which helps you enjoy each other’s company.

Be There and Supervise We all have someone we look up to and pets need to feel the same.Always keep your pets under supervision and make sure you also have one alpha male in the pact who your pet can turn too to,always.Also make sure you are always watching them when they are outdoors because just like kids they will put anything in their mouths and it’s easy for the stomach bug to tag along.

No matter what animal you call a friend, taking care of them is an important part of letting them know you love them. Following these tips can go a long ways towards providing a long, healthy and happy life for your pet.

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