Fun Activities For You To Do As A Family!

The kids are more occupied than us adults these days. They seem to me like little bunnies hopping off from one garden to another, the only difference is these garden’s are within four walls.They sometimes lack fun in the activities they do. Subsequently their activities have become repetitive

I remember roughing it out as a kid and not worrying a bit about the dust and sun on my body. However our kids of this generation cannot think beyond gaming and the cushioned environment that has been given to them by us!

It’s always fun and frolic when we are out vacationing with our six year old. I always expect these vacations to be full of adventure.I indeed find more relief in indulging outdoor fun rather than virtual fun.

I am listing down a few favorite activities that we practice as a family so that we are setting out an example to our kid about staying clear of the devices and getting some real fun. Kids are observing their parents with the biggest invisible microscope, they reel in every behavior and emotion from us.

Pretend Plays

Just the other day, I was helping my little one clean out his toy closet, I realized how we had at least a dozen pretend play toys. It surprised me how we hadn’t played with all of them yet. We decided to pretend play with each toy everyday and this in turn helped me drive away his fear of things like the doctor’s needle or answer questions about the tool box or look up fun costumes in a magazine because we were playing dress up.

Dance The Day Away

Who doesn’t like to groove and move and that to in the most comfortable set of PJs. Kids react to music how fire reacts to petroleum because music is a great stress buster for all age groups. Start a little impromptu dance party with their favorite snacks.Jump on the dance bandwagon with them and a few hours will easily pass.

Talent Show

We all love appreciation and a little spotlight.My little footballer loves displaying the celebration and skills of all his favorite footballers.It’s like a talent show where he even once got a medal and certificate for it. He definitely goes for his soccer practice too and you too could hold a little talent display for your child and get the entire family to participate

Outdoors is always better. I have previously listed down activities you can do with kids and that are absolutely fun.Read it here You can even add these list of activities too. I always vouch for the outdoor time because it lets you stay close to nature. Kids learn to see and observe the things around them and a simple thing like watching a tree grow can make them learn about hard-work and patience.

These days of the lock down are passing in a jiffy and our kids need to be entertained constantly. These fun activities are sure to change the mood of the house. Pinterest too has some great activities to keep the kids entertained.

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