Things that kids teach us about life.

Kids can teach you a million things without you having to literally ask them to do so.The best part about being with kids is that you get to experience every emotion unfiltered. The trauma, the anger, the happiness and even love, its all unbiased.As a parent, as an educator and even as a care taker, I strongly believe kids have more to teach us adults than we can teach them.We, somehow are just a medium to help them understand the complexities of adulting

There are some amazing videos out on the internet that one most watch to be able to parent easily and not feel like you are riding an uncontrolled roller coaster.I am sharing one of them here.

So as I almost control myself from yelling at my kid, I also wonder how much I love this little kid who I created. Parenting is never easy and most people don’t tell you that, they don’t share the “star-marked terms and conditions of parenting”. You would always have been asked to teach your child a thing or two but here I am going to tell you what you can learn from them

Forgiveness – Forgiving comes as easily to kids as their urge to ask you for a candy.They just need to be understood and given a logical explanation of a situation and they will be the first to hold your hands forever. For them saying sorry is really using the magical word. Yes, off course like the law of gravity where things are expected to fall, kids are expected to go wrong but they will never hold grudges for long.They will very soon find something else to be upset about

Love – They definitely need fancy cars and some princesses dress to make them feel loved every now and then, yet again, their love for you is never based on who or what you are. Kids will love you for the person you are and it’s your deed that win their hearts.

Confidence – Whether it is about jumping in muddles or dancing like no one’s watching or whether it is climbing that tree even after falling a dozen times, kids are full of confidence. They just know how to be fearless in everything they do.

Stop and Smell The Roses – They may even stop and pluck some of them but they definitely do teach you about savoring the happiness like they devour a cake.Our responsibilities are here to stay but the time is on a jet so it won’t harm if you stopped and admired at things around you just like these tiny little souls.

Having Fun Is Mandatory – They surely know how to have fun because that’s their natural inclination. As adults we tend to hold ourselves back and start scrutinizing situations and people and forget to have fun in the bargain. Let go and remember that life is meant to enjoy. It is meant to love and it is our lifelong goal to be as happy as we possible can on this Earth.

Sharing – I wonder if it’s them who teaches us this its vice versa. No doubt, this behavior has to be inculcated in them but once they have mastered the art, they will share the tiniest of thing with the largest group of people. As adults we begin categorizing what needs to be shared and what doesn’t. Kids have everything raw and honest.

Kids have a different perspective of life which is not tainted. They look at everything with pure honestly and with a little hope in their eyes. I have realized if it weren’t for the children in our lives, we may not be reminded of the simple rules of life. Children have this mystery called life all figured out. They will sometime come up with the simplest of solutions to the most complex problems.

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