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I totally feel this year is already flying by on a Firebolt broom. It is zipping so fast that sometimes I wonder if time is trying to finish a time bound marathon. Every year we make plenty of resolutions, some work and some vanish into thin air. The time, effort and energy one puts into achieving goals and dreams can be a daunting task. To wear off all the weariness once needs to really get away from the mundane madness and that my friend is called going for a “Holiday”.

This year seems perfect to go for that perfect holiday you have been waiting for! The year is swamped with long weekend holidays and this calls for planning right away. Here are my top favorite vacation destinations in India. Feel free to take your pick as well.


The first week of January usually lets you experience the coldest waves around the country and hence being at a Tropical destination like Kerala seems perfect. Since the first weekend on January has already bid adieu you can vacay away to some of these Tropical Beaches across the country.

Gokarna, Karnataka – Gokarna offers the same enthralling experience as Goa does and it also packs in some spituralism, traditional massages and so much more, all while, overlooking azure waters.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra – Goa indeed is the beach destination of India however considering that it is packed throughout the year, this destination towards the northwest of Maharashtra is home to serene backwaters, busting villages and ancient sea forts.

Tharangambadi, Tamil Nadu – The name means, “Land of singing waves”. This quiet town which is known by its Anglicized name of Tranquebar sits on the coast of Bay of Bengal, India. In a town that was previously a Danish colony, you will attractive beaches and even more attractive architecture.

Radhanagar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Located on Havelock Island — in the remote Andaman and Nicobar Islands between India and Thailand, it is one of the best beaches in Asia. Right from amazing water sports to fishing to treks, you can do all of it here.The icing on the cake is experiencing the underwater world.

Minicoy, Lakshadweep – You can ignore the incongruity and soak in the tropical scenery and relax on the secluded island in this beautiful place. Most travelers spend their mornings snorkeling or diving amidst the brilliant coral reefs.

The beaches across the beautiful country are plenty and a beach person like me can plan all my holidays exploring the beautiful shorelines and soaking in the sun. By the time you say chao to the winters, the summers are ready to play a beek-a-boo.


The mountains and the hill stations are the perfect place to spend your summer heat. You can visit Darjeeling to enjoy the beauty of the tea plantations or Dalhousie to see the snow-covered mountains. You can even explore the hills of Himachal Pradesh.
Manali, Shimla and the Kullu valley are perfect in terms of your temperature and even in terms of the scenic beuty.

Valleys and Waterfalls

We all are aware of the ticking of the nature’s clock hence after summer arrives monsoon. If you wish to savor the rainy season, you can plan a quick getaway trip to Lonavala, Khandala, Karjat and so many little hill stations around Maharashtra. Cherrapunji and Mussoorie are great travel places to cherish the rains and witness some grand waterfalls.

Historic Places

Right from the grand historic heritage of Rajasthan to the mesmerizing Amritsar. From the majestic Tajmahal to the Diwali magic in Varanasi to even pandal-hopping around Durga Puja, India has everything to offer. You can even enjoy trekking and camping on short overnight trips

Some of the best websites to help you plan your travel are Tripoto and TripAdvisor. You also have Trivago to help you plan your hotel bookings as well.With so many holiday destinations on offer it sure is difficult to concentrate on work but the weekends are arriving soon!!

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