The best advice I could give to all new mothers.

The sheer excitement and thrill of something new is unbeatable and nothing can ever overpower to the excitement of being a first time parent. The whole journey and the whole process can be so overwhelming that we tend to put forth all our attention on the tiny little human. The tiny human off course deserves all our time and energy however let’s conserve some energy for the new, first time mother too.

✔ You are a rock star, you just delivered a tiny human. It doesn’t matter how you did, normal or c sec. You went through pain of all sorts. So let no one make you feel any different.

✔ Yes take in all the home remedies for lactation but do not stress over baby not latching or you not producing enough milk. Take help from your midwife, doctor, husband and parents. That’s it.
✔Your body is going through a lot of changes and it’s ok if you produce less milk or no milk at all.

✔Formula fed or breastfeed, your choice. Yes breastfeed is great for a child but if for any reason you are not able to do so, it is not your fault. I was formula fed from day one because of a few reasons, I was born as a 7 month preemie and I did just fine growing up.

✔Sleep, eat, sleep, and repeat. Yes get as much rest as possible. Let family take rounds to attend to the baby. Especially moms who live outside India have limited family support. So sleep when the baby sleeps, like literally do it like an everyday ritual.
✔Eat the good stuff. Yes get as much hydration as possible and keep the bad fat away. Include ghee, sooji (semolina), zeera (cumin), fenugreek, carom seeds, milk, and fruits in your diet. Moderate it as per your needs.
✔Let daddy play the daddy role from day one. Whether it is swaddling the baby or burping the baby or simply just watching the baby while you rest, let daddy do it too.
Diapers from day one are fine, you choose your comfort. ✔Invest in good baby gear including nursing gear but don’t go overboard with it.
✔ Get all your baby documents ready before baby turns one.
Start investing from day one.

Get used to the no makeup, pajamas, hair tied in a bun look however make sure you take out time for yourself and your spouse soon. Indulge in some self-pampering once you settle down. It will help you break the lethargy and will help you handle the post-partum in a much better way,

Welcome to one of the best roller coaster rides ever made!! Enjoy every moment.

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