Vegetables are good for your skin.Read here, why?

We all know that health is not something that is built overnight and it is always easy to sway in the opposite direction. We all have had days when you want to grab that pack of chips lying on the table ( in my case, its in the refrigerator) rather than grabbing a fruit or a glass of milk. The unhealthy food even looks more appetizing than the healthy food plus healthy food always has a bonus offer on it. One it doesn’t look appealing and the other that it restricts you from eating your favorite food.

To gain some motivation to stay on track and not go wandering off on the path of “eating anything and everything”, again, I started looking out for some easy healthy recipes.Most of these recipes and excerpts from nutritionist said that you must include at least two portions of vegetables and two portions of fruits in your every day diet.

The benefits of consuming vegetables on a daily basis are plenty.They contain nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins which ensure smoothness of skin and prevent wrinkles. Here are some vegetables which would help you maintain your youthful, healthy appearance and visage. Read more to find out about them:

1. Broccoli: Make sure you have a generous portion of this vegetable when you are on a meal as this vegetable is stuffed with nutrients which reduce inflammation and also help in preventing lung cancer and stomach cancer. They also contain essential nutrients which help in cell repair and slowing down the aging process.

2. Spinach: Spinach is your go-to food if you want to retain your hard-earned muscle tone.This is in fact the season to consume all the wonderful green leafy vegetables.You can add them to the pulses, grains, curries and even turn them into savory muffins. Studies indicate that spinach helps in strengthening your muscles. It contains magnesium, more than any other food item per serving. It helps to maintain muscle definition and nerve function as well as regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.

3. Kale: Kale is full of vitamin K which is very essential for blood coagulation and preventing internal hemorrhaging. It is also essential to maintain the strength in your bones as you age. Studies have shown that kale also helps to prevent prostate cancer. Consume it cooked to maximize its benefits.

4. Onions: Onions are very helpful in preventing and ending your stomach troubles. They prevent the growth of H.pylori bacteria which causes ulcers, gastritis and gastric cancer. Unfortunately, deep fried onion rings do not count.

5. Eggplant: Eggplants are rich in Nasunin, a nutrient which helps in the anti-aging process and prevents cancer as well. Eggplant also prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

6Red Bell Pepper: Red bell peppers contain vitamin C, which triggers the production of white blood cells that fight against germs and bacteria. Consuming a diet which is rich in vitamin C helps to lessen wrinkles because it helps in the production of collagen.

7.Carrot: I seldom wonder if bunnies are so soft because they eat a lot of carrots. The betacarotene found is carrots and other vegetables such as sweet potatoes and pumpkin is a great antioxidant for the skin which help with skin cell development and healthy skin tone.

The above discussed vegetables must be in your daily diet plan to keep yourself healthy and hearty forever.

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