Say Sorry And Mean It.

We all have grown up listening to this adorable boy band along with the dashing Backstreet Boys and not to forget to mention, Bryan Adams, whose songs make you fall you in love and let you experience many more emotions!

Have you wondered what is the most hardest thing to do in the world? Well, as a mother, I would say motherhood but there is something that is even harder than motherhood or earning a living, it is accepting that you are wrong and apologizing for it. Saying Sorry, sounds like the most easiest thing to do and we are taught the golden words, very early in life however sometimes it takes courage to own up to our mistakes.

To err is human and to forgive is divine, it is said often but what would asking for forgiveness be termed as? I would say that is human too. We put in a lot of effort to build our homes, our career, we chase our dreams until we are able to make them true for ourselves but we are quick to sway away from people. I believe, we put in equal time and energy in building our relationships and seldom we let a tiny crack crumble the entire foundation!!

When we talk about relationships, Love is the first thing that pops into our minds and love fosters the relationship between any two people. We savor the happiness in any relationship just the way you savor a dessert but when it comes to accepting our faults, we tend to become like the government, slinging mud at each other.

As adults, we crave for appreciation and recognition in the most unknown ways. We don various roles in our lives as we love to counsel, guide and hand hold people around us. Remember, with great power ( read age) comes great responsibility and we are so busy fulfilling this responsibility that when we Err, we tend to flick it away like a strand of hair on our face.

So what you think I am suggesting here? I am no preacher, infact I am more of a wanderer sorts, looking for love and happiness even in the trash I sometimes stumble upon. My thought is that when as educators, parents, leaders, coaches, bosses we are quick to give directions, we are quick to give orders, we are quicker in imparting lessons, then may be, we could even match our speed to being apologetic.

Your world is tinier than a landscape or a tall rise building and it sure wouldn’t come crumbling down if, you said Sorry. Accepting one’s fault and correcting it also sets an example of being a better human. We often want to showcase our goodness like some trophies we won in a tournament, your faults and errors too are stepping stones to success and they sure deserve recognition.

To the next time you ask your child to say sorry and patch up with a friend who he/she squabbled with, replicate the same behavior yourself too because ” Sorry” is just a 5 letter world which you can easily practice with a large heart of yours!!

We celebrate Thanksgiving once a year but I guess “saying-sorry” can be celebrated often and when you say it,mean it!!

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