Everyday habits that need moderation.

We need to stay fit to accomplish our everyday goals. The festive season brings with it indulgence in a lot of things. It happens often that amidst all the celebration our health tends to take a backseat. These days visiting a doctor has become time-consuming and the expenses have probably grown many folds from the time we were young. There are certain tricks and tips that are being followed for years and actually work wonders for our health.

They say that when you are planning financially, you need to save almost every day. The same goes for your health too, you need to ensure that your everyday habits lead you to good health.


Don’t stress-We all know the repercussions of being stressed and how it impacts are emotional and mental well being. Diseases like increased blood pressure, insomnia, nausea, headaches, depression, shortness of breath, aches in the muscles, etc. The best way to deal with stress is to divert yourself from situations that cause you stress. Most of our stress causing parameters are unavoidable and hence it’s best to indulge in some kind of activity that calms your nerves and relaxes you.

Get a good sleep routine -No one knows the importance of a good sleep routine than a mother. As mums and adults we often tend to let our sleep schedules go for a toss. An adult needs to get a minimum 8 hrs. of sleep every day. So the next time you want to stay up to watch that web series, you may want to consider putting your gadgets away for next time. For working individuals too, you will be able to catch up on sleep if you prepare partially for the next day in advance.

Everything has to be regular -When we are trying to establish a habit, we say we need to be regular in it. The same goes for our routines too. We often stress on the importance of time management in adults and children alike, the same has to be applied to our lives too. We need to do everything in a set routine for it to not impact our health and after practice makes you perfect.

Smoking and Drinking – There are benefits of using wine in our food, however, anything in excess can prove fatal. Cigarette boxes come with a warning about health that usually go unnoticed and ignored. We need to keep away from things that may turn out to be fatal to our health. It impacts our teeth, liver and can lead to various diseases. So this festive season, limit and balance your intake of everything that can be hazardous in excess.

Restrict the use of gadgets – We all know the ill effects that extended use of gadgets can have on our body. Gadgets are slowly beginning to turn people into prisoners of technology and I guess that’s why mobile phones are known as cell phones. One must restrict the use of phones every few days and detox completely from social media too.


Drinking Water -I remember a challenge that began on Instagram that required you to drink lots of water every day. As someone, who ensures that I drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, I took up the challenge and increased the water intake and intake of fruits too. The results were definitely, good looking skin and amazing hair. Keeping yourself hydrated has multiple health benefits. In parties too, try and replace cold drinks with fruit juices or increase the intake of salads.

Get your exercise – As someone who has seen days with and without exercise, I cannot stress enough on the benefits of exercise. It takes care of your mental and physical health both. There are multiple reasons why one should exercise, some of which you can read here

Limit your intake of sugar -Most of your packaged food items have a minimum of 30gms sugar. In addition to this we consume a minimum of two cups of coffee or tea. Excess sugar can harm your health and lead to weight gain. We all know that it is difficult to put the sugar cravings in a dungeon but we can always balance it out with having healthy food throughout the day.

Limit the intake of sodium -Sodium occurs naturally even in the water we drink. We need to regulate the use of sodium in our diet as a high quantity of sodium can lead to weight gain and water retention. Have foods that are low in sodium such as milk, eggs, cottage cheese, curd, honey, lentils, freshly brewed tea such cinnamon tea, lemon tea, green tea etc. You can add a few super spices to your food too, such as ginger powder and cinnamon powder to your meals.

When we make basic changes to our daily lifestyle, we sure are going to get improved results that will be beneficial to our health. Eat clean food, eat more fruits and vegetables. Include some kind of exercise at least 3 times a week Most of your problems will disappear because of the change you will feel in your body.


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