Tips on how you can make quick money before the year ends.

The little one’s Christmas holiday is still 3 days away but I am already in the holiday mood because it’s already stretching out its arms to me. Christmas season means gifting season and gifting season means an additional layer of expenses, because it the season to layer up, isn’t it?

What if I told you that there is always a way to make some extra cash before New Year’s Eve?

Let us see what you can do and what is there on offer.

Surveys – You need to be living in the US, Canada, England or Australia to be eligible to apply to these websites some of which pay really well for taking surveys. Your age to be eligible to participate is mentioned on these website while you register. There are short and long surveys both available on the website. You can read all the terms and conditions and join the website called Survey Junkie here.There are many more survey websites that you can register at such as MySurvey , OpinionOutpost , SurveyClub ,YouGov etc.

Review – There are a few websites that pay you to review their products. The best part is that you get to keep these products too.A lot of companies will pay you for answering questions about products and reviewing products.You can even sign up to test products and write reviews at some of these websites that are legit and pay well too.Some of these are Swagbucks , Ciao, MomsMeet , ReviewStream , TryandReview and many more options that you will find online.

Sell Products – If you are good at crafty things then you can make some really cool stuff and sell it for Christmas. You can even become a listed seller on Amazon. If you are into baking, you should try your hand at baking Christmas goodies which should sell like hot cakes.

Apps that pay – There are so many apps that pay you. There are certain apps that pay you for walking.You will find some really great apps here that pay you.

Blog/Write – You will have a lot of websites that will pay you for writing short stories, articles and a lot more. I recently laid on my hands on this website that has details of a lot of websites that pay you for your freelance writing. Find it here

There are ample of opportunities that will help you make quick money.I know this list came out a little closer to Christmas but nonetheless you can try your hands at one of these options for sure. I also have laid down a few work from home options that are pretty much in trend.You can read them here

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