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We all know that health is not something that is built overnight and it is always easy to sway in the opposite direction. We all have had days when you want to grab that pack of chips lying on the table rather than grabbing a fruit or a glass of milk. The unhealthy food even looks more appetizing than the healthy food plus healthy food always has a bonus offer on it. One it doesn’t look appealing and the other that it restricts you from eating your favorite food.

To gain some motivation to stay on track and not go wandering off on the path of β€œeating anything and everything”, again, I started looking out for some easy healthy recipes. We are always on the run and seem to be running against time mostly and hence finding time for yourself is what we keep for last.

I came across these really interesting and fascinating Instagram account that you must follow if you love food and plant to eat healthy.

Sapna Chandra

She will fascinate you with all her plant based cooking skills and you will thrilled at how she uses the not so commonly used veggies to whip up enticing meals that will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner sorted.

flat lay photography of vegetable salad on plate

vegan food ideas

You will thoroughly enjoy browsing through these scrumptious vegan food ideas and believe me when I say I too considered turning vegan only to try all their good food ideas.

basil leaves and avocado on sliced bread on white ceramic plate


Who said healthy food has to be all about quinoa and protein. Reethika will take you on a journey of food where you are sure to experience foodgasm.

cooked rice and curry food served on white plate


What if I told you that Instagram actually took the trouble of collecting some really great healthy recipes and putting them on a single account for you.The feed definitely looks mouth-watering and the images take you to the original account. So many more accounts and recipes to drool over.

vegetable salad


We would love images and ideas from a nutritionist’s perspective too and especially when each meal and each image is beautifully curated.

rice with zucchini soft boiled egg and parsley in green ceramic plate


Another awesome account that has simple recipes that give you beautiful looking nutritionally balanced meals.

selective focus photography of beef steak with sauce

I am definitely trying some of these because looks like meal ideas for an entire week is sorted.

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