Top Foods For Monsoon.

Every changing season brings with it, its own set of excitement and worry. The excitement for the rains is the most, thanks to all the glamorization that has happened over centuries. The excitement I believe is on a new high especially regarding food. Rains and the number of cups of tea one consumes seem to be directly proportional to each other. To compliment the cup tea, there are accompaniments in the form of fried food. We all love that combination, I rarely know anyone who doesn’t enjoy hot tea and fritters of various kinds.

Then the long drives slowly begin to take over your day, however these can never be enjoyed in a city like Mumbai. In Mumbai all you can enjoy is longer hours of traffic with the smallest downpour that happens. This season also seems like one of the Instagram friendly seasons as you get to click pictures of beautiful locales and food. Have you however ever, worried about the many allergies this season could bring with it. From a normal cold and flu to something as severe as a typhoid or malaria, this is the weather that welcomes all sorts of bacteria.

We cannot be expected to completely safeguard ourselves like the way Vanya from ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is confined to a room where nothing can harm her. We have the everyday life to live. To conquer this little hurdle that is thrown upon us, what you can do is make changes to your diet or include these top foods in your everyday diet.

Top foods that you should include in your diet are –

Turmeric– This magical ingredient has a cure for almost everything. From healing wounds to healing a cold and flu. This magical ingredient should be included in every meal. You should also try and consume the ever famous Turmeric Latte which is made by boiling milk and turmeric together. Turmeric is also known to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cumin and Fenugreek (Methidana) – We often tend to eat more junk food in this weather than the regular home cooked meal or healthy food. Consuming cumin and fenugreek will help aid your digestion. The digestion itself slows down in this weather; consume this to keep your tummy happy.

Water– Yes, just the way the environment need the rain to make everything beautiful, similarly your body needs enough water to keep you hydrated and keep your body system healthy. You need to be careful of where you consume the water from as many water-borne diseases do the rounds in this season.

Herbal Teas and Hot Soups– Not only hot simple food relax your body, they also help flush out the anti-oxidants from your body. Include these both in your diet. You can easily make a ginger-mint or a cardamom tea for yourself. Add some honey to enhance the taste.

Corn, Chickpeas, Sprouts and Gram Flour –  We all love the pakodas and bhajiyas made out of gram flour, however its best to consume gram flour in rotis or sprinkle some over vegetables while cooking them. You can we even whip up healthy salads or chats using corn, sprouts and chickpeas. These foods are considered drying foods and should be eaten during monsoons.

Ginger – This is another great herb and super food with umpteen benefits. Consume it in tea, use dry ginger powder in meals etc to have good health.

Oats and Barley – Opt for foods with lesser starch as it will be easier to digest these items in this weather. Oats also keeps you full for long.

Avoid leafy vegetables. Make smoothies out of fruits. Eat curd and also make soups out of daals to keep digestion issues at bay. If you are healthy only then will you be able to enjoy the goodness of the weather.


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