We cannot reverse our age and time.

Can I ask time to slow down, no I can’t. No one can!! It would be stupendously amazing if there was a time travel or a time control that could ever happen. Then I would keep my little boy little for even longer.I expressed the same desire to my little one, to which he replied, “Mumma,we cannot reverse our age”!!

How often do we wish that we could turn back time or may be time travel to our happy spaces?We wish to get back in time and undo things that we did or make the already existing situations better!

Have you ever wondered why do we wish so.Why do things of the past, whether good or bad, become memories of the present.They become moments that you would like to cherish!!

There is a certain pattern of behavior that is set for each age, i guess.There is a classified list of bad things or may be even good things that are expected to happen with people of each genre.

Who decides these things? Why are people who don’t do these things considered normal or why do people who go beyond the obvious considered to be crossing the line?

The society is going to judge you on your every move. The woman who is fully clothed will be considered as less fashionable and the woman is fashionable dressed will be considered too bold.

The woman who has no kids will be considered selfish and the woman who has more than two kids will be considered as one who has no sense of family planning. The woman who keeps to herself will be considered snobbish and the one who is outgoing and friendly will be considered as a flirt.

The same goes with men too. A man who takes care of his kids and wife, helps around will be considered a pawn in the hands of his wife and a man who doesn’t will be considered as a chauvinist. A man who spends time with his friends will be considered as someone who neglects his family and a man who doesn’t, will be considered a loner.

A man/woman who is ambitious is considered as fierce and authoritative and the one who isn’t is considered as submissive with no career aspirations at all!

A person who cooks all meals at home is considered boring and the one who orders a few meals from outside is considered lazy. A change in someone’s time routine is considered as an act of laziness while someone who is trying to follow a routine is considered as someone trying to outdo the other person.

I wonder who makes these rules. Did someone ask you to compare yourself to others or compare others to you? We were all made differently for a reason. We weren’t sent here to compete with each other. Well, its a different thing if you compete in sports, compete to achieve bigger things in life but its a different thing if you compete to put down someone or shun someone away.

To each, its own, is often said! Holds true for me because, my struggles are my own. I am carving my own destiny. I was in no way responsible for what occurred in your life. I will be there to help you when you need help but sometimes you have to ask for it. I am a human and I err too, I may sometimes miss your subtle and silent signals. If you have a problem we need to sit and discuss it, I would like you to not talk behind my back.

The ways of the world are for sure complicated and may stir up a lot of emotions in you sometimes, let us row the boat together. I may hold the oar for you sometimes and I can only expect you to do so.

We are often worried about the world we are creating for our kids. I am worried about the things we are leaving behind. Are values some of them, am I leaving behind love and compassion or am I leaving behind a bag full of judgmental questions.

What you choose to leave behind is a choice I am leaving you to make because like my little boy said, we cannot reverse our age and time!!

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