Best food Items for Sahur (Seheri) in Ramadan.

My little one just said he is a fan of dark chocolate and this little man is not more than 5 and a half years old. I am not a fan of chocolates as such until they are the exquisite and rare ones. They need to be loaded with nuts and need to be bitter and that’s when I can easily devour a few pieces of chocolates.

The thought of devouring a chocolate has already got me salivating and thank god I am no longer fasting. Yes, with the onset of Ramadan in the month of summers it is definitely not going to be easy however the almighty Allah is the most merciful and the most benevolent and InshaAllah he will make fasting easy for his ummah ( his people).

Through this blog post of mine, I would like to put light on some commonly and easily available foods that you should consume in sahur ( seheri to begin your fast) to have enough energy to last you through the day.

  1. Flax Seeds – Yes, this super foods, whose health benefits have been recently discovered are great  a source of omega 3 and fiber. They help ease your digestion and also help keep you full for long when added to foods like oats, salads, fruits  etc.
  2. Dark Chocolate –  How about relishing a nice big muffin made out of pure dark chocolate. Well studies show  that dark chocolate contains flavanol which help to improve blood flow however should be contained in moderation as they also contain some amount of sugar. You can increase the health quotient by adding some dates, nuts and replace the sugar with jaggery or honey.
  3. Oats and Nuts –  Oats contain a good amount of dietry fiber again helping you keep various diseases at bay. Consuming oats that are soaked overnight in milk with a dash of fruits can be a perfect meal for sahur. You can grind oats and make them into sweet or savory pancakes.
  4. Eggs –  Seldom some people feel eggs are too heavy a meal for a sahur however we all know that eggs are  packed with protein, vitamin b2 and essential minerals like zinc, copper and iron. You can consume your eggs in whichever form you like. I like mine scrambled with a side of avacado toast.
  5. Dates and Yoghurt –  As per islamic traditions, the fast ends with biting on a date. Dates have good level of fructose, glucose and sucrose, hence if you consume it for seheri too, it will maintain your sugar level and you will not feel lethargic or low on energy. Yogurt, esp the Greek yogurt is known to have less sugar, more carbs and calcium and hence its good to include it in your sahur meal. You can add it to salads, make smoothies out of it or eat it as it is.
  6. Fruits and Olives –  Fruits are a must for Ramadan and they should be for any other day.One should pick foods with high water content as they make up for the water content in your body. Olives are a good source of Vitamin E and works as anti-oxidants which in turn keeps your skin and hair looking good. Also fruits rich in Vitamin C should be included too.

These items are something that I specially pick for Ramadan to ensure I am stacked up on energy throughout the day. You can also ensure that your post fast meals are a mix of salads, fruits and vegetables. Yes, Yes the fried food cannot be ignored but ensure you balance it out with other food items too.


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