Daddy the Super Hero!!

When in love people say, ‘what is yours is mine and what is mine is yours’!! Keeping that thought in mind, hubby and I often take over each other’s share of work. On days when mommy has a busy day, daddy the greatest tends to Baby Z. From bathing baby Z to getting him ready for school, daddy does it all.Then there are days when daddy is too busy to help and mommy is busy and exhausted too. On those days our house looks like, it’s been struck by a hurricane, from toys sprawled across the floor to laundry screaming for help.Yes, we have had days when the laundry is all dried up, nice and crisp but is waiting to be folded and put back into the cupboard. Daddy and Son-ny boy is an expert at playing football and that’s what they sometimes do to their clothes too, they turn the clothes into a ball and off they go in the cupboard.Now, I wouldn’t be complaining if the clothes were rolled the “Marie Kondo” way that would be absolute bliss. To have the house free from all the clutter, arranged in a complete prim and proper way, would be achieving eternal bliss.WE definitely have days,which is most of the times I would like say, when daddy dearest can arrange the house better than mommy. Even the bed calls out to daddy to be arranged neatly than mommy.So when Mommy got covered in balls of clothes that were just put into the cupboard due to everyone’s busy schedule, mommy decided to take daddy, the superhero’s help.We got daddy dearest to arrange his cupboard.Well we are happy even if it was not the Marie Kondo way. What inspired daddy to do this,well we were having a general discussion over how household work needs to be equally shared by everyone and daddy agreed.So while mommy had some time off from work, daddy decided to use his spare time to arrange his cupboard and soon after daddy was done arranging his cupboard, he received a chilled mango smoothie as a reward from Mommy.

We for a little while forgot that our little man was watching us and he even offered to help arrange his own cupboard.😎😍I would also like to thank #ArielIndia for coming up with a wonderful initiative of #sharetheload and all these series of tasks that we out to achieve as family are not only helping us bond better but it is helping us #shareresponsibilities in the literal sense.We even heard our son talking to his friends about this awesome ad that has been made by ariel.

Every time we are able to accomplish the task that is considered only a woman’s job, my boys say the pledge loud in unison.

“I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda”

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