It’s not just Mumma’s Job

As a child I would love to play with water and I still do! When it comes to doing chores that are related to water, Mumma wants a break now.However holidays mean a lot if pending work gets done.We are getting our house repaired and hence the kitchen area is not accessible, which means Mumma has to get to the sink and wash vessels.

Thanks to all the clues we are getting now from #ArielIndia for all our tasks , daddy and Son-Ny boy are equally excited to keep our house clean and free of germs. This Mumma is sure a content one with someone, infact not just one person, two people are helping her #sharetheload.

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The little man was for sure excited to help mommy wipe the dishes, after all we had a new tissue roll to utilise.So he initially helped me wipe the dishes and then soon he wanted to wash a few dishes himself and I was too happy to oblige.

There obviously came the judgemental remarks, as so ‘why are you making him do this’ ?.

“He is so small, he will catch cold”. It is not a boy’s job, it your job.My little man stood their listening to all this and said, ” arey aren’t boys and girls equal, and I am big boy, so just like Mumma helps me with the homework, this is house work too and I will help her”.

Boy, I am proud mother for sure and the applause which my Son-ny boy received made him smile ear to ear.

Along with teaching him to do basic chores, I am also shunning away the gender biasis.I am confident that my little man will soon grow up to be a confident and responsible man!!

Three tasks done and our pledge still remains the same.

‘I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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